Heart touching stories



1. The heart

A boy named tommy was walking down the street and he noticed a girl. He noticed the girl he once and still loves, but she was walking with a boy it broke his heart but he walked up to both of them and asked to speak to the boy in private so he agreed and the went to talk and this is what was said.....

Tommy: so I see you hold the girl and once and will always love in your arms

The boy: yes

Tommy: take my advice don't break her heart like I did It was a big mistake and I regret it everyday of my life but I had to leave

The boy: if you truly love her then you would've helped her pick up every piece and help her put it back together instead you left her how stupid of you. You were to distracted by another girl'a beautiful face that you couldn't see her beautiful heart but you broke it and it can never be fixed *whispers to himself* this was a waste of time

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