A Passing Storm

Talia Davis was the most unusual girl you could meet. She had straight, long, golden hair, and blue eyes that could drown you with a glance. She was tall, skinny, and pale skinned but that is about all that was normal about her. Thila was a Goddess, triplet of Apollo and Artemis, friend of Luke, and banned from Olympus by Zeus. Will she follow Luke and rise a titan and destroy Olympus, or will she forgive Zeus and help save it. (This fan fiction takes place in the Lighting Thief of Percy Jackson movies)


1. The Empire State Building

I woke up in my house by the sea. The crashing of the waves whispering for me to go back to bed. I threw the covers off, breaking away from the spell of sleep. I got dressed in an orange Camp Half Blood staff t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I carefully weaved my hair into a fishtail braid. When I had finished getting ready, I checked my watch it read 4:17. I gathered my arrows and bow on my back, I sheathed my sword by my side and hid my knife in my brown lace up combat boots. I walked out and started to exercise, stretch, and practice fighting/defense. When 6:15 came, I went to breakfast to find Chiron waiting for me.

"What do you want from me this time!" I yelled over to him, "If this is another trip for D then sorry, I can't! I have to plan something that, sadly, is never going to happen because I am fricken' immortal! Thanks to Zeus, the guy who doesn't even know I exist! Even when I was on Olympus! No, it was always about the other two parts of three! He thought that he had twins, not triplets!"


"It's about Percy Jackson." Chiron said calmly, "Zeus thinks that Percy stole his lightning bolt and he is meeting Poseidon tonight."

"And you want me to go?" I said finishing his sentence.

"Yes, and if you wish, you can make yourself known."

"Yeah, by punching him in the face." I muttered darkly with a tricky smile.

"Make sure you don't make things any worse than they are for Percy." Chiron pointed out.

"Fine, I'll leave after lunch." I said, continuing passing Chiron.

(Time skip)

By the time I got to New York and up the Empire State Building, it was nightfall. I told Midnight to fly around until the meeting was over. I put on a hoodie and pure black sunglasses, and I changed the color of my hair to a chestnut brown. I blended into to the shadows and slowly walked towards Zeus and Poseidon. Zeus was showing Poseidon how there wasn't any lightning in the sky. My anger started to bubble up inside of me. My thoughts were screaming, "How could you be so protective of a lightning bolt but you can't remember that you had triplets!" My fists were closed so tightly that I was starting to feel a warm liquid running down my wrist. Frost was starting to spread across everything. I thought I saw Zeus and Poseidon look at each other and whisper something, but I couldn't tell. Tears were streaming down my face, and I hate to cry. I cleared my eyes away and unclenched my hands, causing the frost to melt. Zeus and Poseidon parted ways and I started to run, but Poseidon caught up to me. He grabbed my shoulder and forced me to face him.

"Take off your glasses." He commanded.

I moved hands upward to take my glasses off, but brought them down quickly with all the force I could muster. I backed away then came running at him. I flipped over him and kicked him down. I had done all of this so quickly that he hadn't had time to fight back. I turned to leave when I heard the sound of water. With a swish oft hand all the water turned to ice. I walked back over to him and took off my glasses and said, "You know Percy and I have something in common: we never knew our dads. Well at least you knew about Percy, Zeus thought I was a cousin until Apollo and Artemis told him, but by then it was to late. He had his chance and he blew it. Make sure you don't blow it with Percy. Who knows, maybe you'll end up being an OK dad. Oh and if you bump into Hermes tell him that someone messed up my shipment again and they sent my sword to some place in Queens New York." I whistled for Midnight and she appeared quickly.

"Thila" He said getting up and sitting on a bench. I turned around and he continued, "he just thought that you knew that you were loved."

"Yeah, well I don't think that's true." I said sadly.

"Why would you think that?" He asked.

"Because then that would mean that everyone that ever taught me anything also thought that I knew that I was doing something right without having to tell me, and I know that isn't likely."

"You don't know that. And even if it was true, you won't give him another chance?"

"He has had many, many, many chances to fix it, but he never will, and that is something I know.".

"Us parents make mistakes, you know." He continued.

"I know, but every year you don't fix it the mistake, becomes a bigger and bigger problem, and I don't know if he can fix a problem this big." I said stiffly, turning away and hopping onto Midnight, "don't forget about what I said, it may help you soon." I flew away from Poseidon and into the starry night and to Camp Half Blood.



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