The Girl Who Didn't Care

20 year old Effie Reynolds meet 21 year old Harry Styles on a cold winter night while smoking a blunt. How does their relationship change and what happens when Effie is the girl who dosen't care.


1. • Chapter 1 •

• Chapter 1 •

I went for a walk in the streets of Maidstone. I could feel the rain slowly stream down my face, but I didn't care. I never did. I took a look at my bloodless looking skin, and it reminded me of when I was in France last year skiing with my family. At first it was a great week with my family; we played games in our cabin in the woods, cooked delicious food, but then we got the bad news that my lovely grandmother had passed away. Since then my mom started got depressed, and four months later she killed herself. I found her lying on the cold kitchen floor, her skin pale as a sheet and her eyes closed like she was asleep. Of course I started to not care, my mom had died and my grades aren't that good either. But I didn't care. I guess that's how a lot of people would describe me; "Effie, the girl with no emotion at all." Please, spare your time and describe me as Kristen Steward. But again, I didn't care, I didn't give two fucks to say it mildly. I was on my way to my apartment, which was 2 miles outside of town. My shoes was getting soaking wet from walking in the rain, and my socks felt like a sponge being squished over and over again against my sole.

I took out my keys and opened the hard wooden door. "I'm home!" I said in a monotonous voice. I've got no idea why I do that, but it makes me feel more like home. I hung my coat and took off my shoes. Our apartment was small, but the rent was all we could afford. "Hey." My roommate answered quietly. Her name is Audrey and she is 20 just like me. She was in her room sitting by her desk, on her computer writing. How do you know that? you might ask. Well, Audrey wants to be an author, and lately she's been writing like crazy. I stood in the doorframe, looking at her in amusment. Her black reading glasses were on the tip of her nose, but she didn't care. Her ruddy face turned to me and her wavy brown hair fell down infront of her blue twinkling eyes. "What?" she asked in all seriousness, and pushed her glasses up. "Nothing," I snorted. Are you up for chineese?" I turned around and picked up the phone. "Sure." she answered, but I was quite sure she didn't know what I just asked her.

We sat on thee couch while eating and whatched television. Our TV was 35" and around it was pictures of us and our friends. "So, I was thinking," Audrey said and took one more bite of her food. She took a sip of the water standing on the table and started again; "Zayn asked if we could host the party friday night?" she said with a sly smile. "And you said yes?" I asked. She pouted and her whole body turned to me. "Effie, it's the last party this year." she waved with her hands. "Come on." Her voice was tighty. "Okay." I gave up. But most of all because I knew she would host the party either way.

I took a look in the mirror and sighed. My blonde long curly hair was loose, my make-up simple, and I decided to wear a tight black dress with black heels. Audrey had the whole party planed out, and she'd invited the whole damn UNI. There was a knock on the door and Audrey's head peeked through. "Are you ready? You look beautiful." She spoke her mind. I didn't really believe her, but thanked her for the compliment. "Let's go." I sighed and took a deep breath.

The apartment was filled with people I had never seen in my life. People were smoking and grinding up against each other. My eyes went wild when I saw two girls kissing and going 'to Audrey's bedroom. I sat down on a chair near the kitchen. I looked around and saw a whole new world in front of me. I guess I never was the type who partied all night after my mothers death. "Hi." A brown hair girl with glasses said. She sat down next to me. Her skin was tanned with a healthy golden-brown tint to it, and her laughing eyes green, with a hint of brown, stared into mine. She was smartly dressed in a floral dress and black converse. "My name is Zia." She said and giggled. Her eyes were red and puffy. I smiled back at her. "Hi, I'm Effie." We shook hands. She couldn't keep her legs still, she kept smelling her hands, looking around like someone followed her over here. "Are you okay?" I took her hand in mine and looked her directly in the eyes. "Effie?" She asked in an undertoned voice. Her eyes looked dead and not at all appealing. "Yes?" I asked still and focused on her mouth. "Do you want to smoke some pot?" She asked tremulous. She suddenly giggled wildly. "You're so funny, Effie." She chuckled. I giggled nervously not knowing how to respond. "You didn't answer my question." She emphasized. "Okay." I answered and we went outside.

I took a drag and I could feel my mind change. Everything felt much better, my legs much more smooth, and Zia much more fun than she really was. I felt the snow under my heels make cracky noises, but pictured it like it was diamonds. I looked upon the sky and saw all the beautiful stars. "The stars are watching me." I said in a hoarse voice. My mouth was getting dry and I swear I was able to drink the whole pacific ocean in that moment. Zia giggled at me in the background but I didn't care. The cold wind brushed my hair away from my face and my eyelashes fluttered. I took one more drag and sat down beside Zia on the doorstep. "The sky is beautiful, all those clouds look like ice cream." She said, and my stomach made a twist. "I'm really fucking hungry." I placed my hands on the cold doorstep, and sighed. "I miss my mom." I blurred out of nowhere. I never said stuff like that. I never told people what I really felt, Audrey once told me that I could tell her anything, but I didn't want to waste her time with my depressing feelings. My eyes felt heavier and watery. "She died eight months ago." I told Zia in a brittle voice. I looked up trying to get the tears go away, but the cold wind only made it worse. "I feel like my bestfriend died that day, when I found her." One tear rolled down and landed in my hair. "She didn't even leave a note, you know. She thought I could handle losing her but the truth is she's everything I think about, and I would do everything to be in her arms, and her telling me how much she loves me, and how she's proud of me." I snuffled. I turned to look at Zia but she was asleep. I laughed to myself, thinking how stupid I may have looked talking to myself like that. "Is this where the party is?" A husky male voice asked me. A guy with a brithe expression walked toward me with a beer in his right hand. I found myself staring directly into his piercing green eyes. They had a glow to them, as if he'd just cried, but without being red and puffy. His lips were thin and pink, and his thick hair brown. His clothes were simple; a white oversized blouse, black skinny jeans and brown leather shoes. "I just came from another party," he said and looked at Zia. "It sucked so badly I felt it in my dick." He said cheecky. I giggled nervously, and he seemed to hear it. I looked up at him, and smiled. I got up from the cold doorstep and shook hands with him. "I'm Effie." "I'm Harry." He said with a grin.

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