A new hope (Supernatural fanfiction)

Dean and Sam are on a hunting trip, when they see a house that is on fire they go inside to see if their is anyone. They then rescue 14 year old Tana and when she has to go into foster care. Dean and Sam adopt her.


1. The great fire

I come to jolting wake. The smell of smoke fills the air I suddenly feel someone rip me from my bed. I catch a glimpse of who is holding me, he look’s middle aged dirty blond hair, green eyes and just a small amount of stubble on his face. Still holding me, the man jumps out of my window.

We hit the ground just in time for me to see my house light up like a christmas tree. My insides churn and tears sting my eye’s as the thought that I am the only survivor hit’s me.I suddenly realize the man is still holding me and I was subconsciously hugging him.There was another man who jumped with us. He is younger and looks about 21.

“Are you okay?” the younger one asks me.

“Yeah” I respond.

Smoke still clings to the air. I am terrified. Who are these men? Did they do this?Did they know this was going to happen? Did the rest of my family survive? Was it an accident or on purpose?

I hear the sound of fire trucks in the distance. So these men weren’t firemen. The older one was wearing a worn out  leather coat and the younger one had a simple blue tee shirt on. No uniforms. Concerned neighbors? Possible but,no. I knew all of our neighbors.

Finally I have to assume I am the only one in my family who survived, I would have seen them by now  and anyone inside the house was surely dead.

    I can’t hold it back anymore I have to let the tears go. I don’t completely consider it crying because their is no sniffling or gasping. Just tears. Tears that I pretend aren’t there.

     The older ones see’s the tear’s and tries to comfort me.

        “Hey, it’s going to be okay” he says.

    “No.” I say. “No I will have to go into foster care, and that’s not okay.”

    “ So..” The younger one says “ I am Sam and this is my brother, Dean”

    “Did you do this?” I point to my house, that is now not more than ashes.

    “No” Sam responds

“ Did you know it was going to happen?”

“Yes” Dean says.

“ Well then why didn’t you try to stop it?” I say, my voice rougher than intended.

“We did try but we were too late.” Sam says

I want to ask another question, but we are interrupted by a fire marshall.

“You folk’s okay?” he says

“Yeah” I respond

“Did everyone make it out?”

“Uuuh… no” Dean said.

A social worker walks up to us. She looks as though she is very strict. “Are you the only one in your family who made it out?” she asks

    “Yes” I say

“Do you have any other family, little girl?” She asked me.

I wanted to correct her I was 14 and most definitely not a little girl.

But instead I respond “No.”

“Okay to the foster care system you will go” she says almost sounding delighted by it.

“Wait!” Sam calls as we go to walk away.

My muscles tense as I turn around.

“ Wait, what?” she says sounding annoyed

“Well…” Sam says. He gives Dean a longing look. Dean nods. “ Well me and Dean are her family” It was a lie but if it got me out of foster care it didn’t matter

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