Wise Words

Just a sample of my thoughts and stuff that I think is bloody brilliant.


1. The thing about love

The thing about love for me is that it hit me like a bazooka. I had not seen it coming, it just hit me and BAM. Just like that, he had my heart. It was quite the fairy tail, really. Not having all the going back-and-forth. Because we proved, and have proved ever since, that love really can happen at first sight. I was so young. 14. I hadn't even figured out how to tell what a really hot guy looked like. To me, the only one worth looking at, is him. I think it is quite beautiful, really. I am so extremely in love, that I can't see any other boys, at all. All I want is him. All I need is him. I really hope that every girl out there will find one who is just as brilliant, wonderful and sweet as mine.


I'm wishing that I was a singer. I would write him a song. But nothing seems to be enough. I can't even put my words down in my poetry. I can't make it fit, I just can't make the words and pictures in my mind form into writing on the paper, no matter how hard I try. It always end up bad, or cliche. So I'm going to try to write all the stuff here. And other stuff. I don't know what, yet, but I will use this as a diary, be it at the good or the bad days.

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