Forever and Always

Drew just moved from America to England. She has no idea where anything is, or who anyone is. She meets someone at high school that could change her life forever...


1. Chapter 1

"Drew?" My mom calls from downstairs. Ugh, what does she want now? Can't she see I'm trying to unpack? "What?" "Come down here, you have two more boxes to bring to your room we forgot about." She tells me. I put the shirts I had in my hand down on the bed and head downstairs.

I don't know if you could tell, but I've just moved into this house. And let me tell you, it's HUGE. My room is as big as the living room in my old house. Anyway, I've just moved to England from the US. Yes, I'm American. My dad got a new job so we had to move here. I didn't really mind that much because all of my friends were turning into idiots. And my boyfriend broke up with me for some slut. Not joking. She was known for sleeping with whoever she laid her eyes on.

I got downstairs and lugged the first box up to my bathroom, came back down and brought the second box to my room. I finally finished unpacking after about 3 hours, and I was getting a little hungry.

I decided to go downstairs and find something to eat when I saw my dad making dinner. "Dinner will be ready soon." He said. "Okay. I'll be down in a minute."

I walked back upstairs and looked around my room. I was still in shock. There was platform bed in the corner, which was huge, a window next to it, a couch, then a wall which was completely mirrored, which was also my closet, a hallway which led to the bathroom, and a balcony. I could go on, but there's too much to explain.

"Drew! Dinners ready!" My dad called.

"Coming!" I raced down the carpeted stairs, tripping near the bottom. I got balanced and just stood there, to see my mom and dad watching me while trying to hold back their laugh.

"What? Never seen a girl trip down the stairs before?" I said maintaining a straight face as best I could.

"Yeah. Plenty of times, because this happens every night." My mom said.

"Well, I like food. JUDGE ME." I said. They laughed and I did too, and we sat down to eat.



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