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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


8. Chapter 8.

Briannah's P.O.V


I was sitting at my desk in my room trying to figure out my homework like a nerd . Well I really don't have anything better to do . My phone rung and I literally jumped out of my seat I was so fucking bored I couldn't contain it ! . Picked up the phone that read 

Can't wait to see you tonight ;) -BadBoyZ

What is he talking about . Where am I going ? "Harry" I yelled . Maybe he took the call for me or something "What !?" He asked . "Did Zayn call me about going somewhere tonight ?" I asked . His eyes grew the size of his head . "Um .. No " He finally answered "What was it ?" I asked .

"He was talking about some party he wanted you to go to " He sighed . "Oh cool " I was about to text Zayn back but Harry took my phone . "Harry give me my phone back " I said . "No because I'm not letting you go to that party " He said .

"Who are you supposed to be to tell me I can't " I crossed my arms doing the sassiest thing I have ever done "My someone who really cares about you . You're nothing but a target to Zayn but you just don't understand do you ?" He shook his head . "I'm going to that party Harry . You don't even know Zayn " I mumbled .

"Fine Briannah go ahead .I don't care anymore .. Only trying to protect you from getting hurt " He shrugged and walked away carelessly . "I can defend myself " I whispered . I sat in my chair with my head in my hand . I hated when Harry used be over protective in highschool . It pissed me off the most about him .

I kept getting over it because I knew it was only for my own good .But now I'm old enough to control my own actions . Once I calmed down I went to my closet and pulled out a white dress and a jean vest .

I got int the shower and changed . I did my makeup and flat ironed my Hair . I was sitting on the bed putting on my combat boots and Harry was standing in the door way . "You look great " He said . "Harry I really don't wanna talk about this " I mumbled .

"No .. I want you to go have fun okay ? You were right I don't even know him " He sighed . I smiled . I got up and hugged him "Thank you" I said . I had to stand on my tippy toes to even hug him "You're welcome " He sighed hugging me back . "Now go have fun" he laughed pushing me out the door . "Okay okay " I said and ran out the dorm . Now I feel confident about going to this party . 


I walked in Zayns open door to people partying hard . An open bar , Professional DJ , . The party was Live ."Briannah !!" I heard Zayn yell . I looked over to him waving .  I waved back and began to walk over . "Hey whats up " He hugged me .

"Hey " I responded . "These guys are my friends Josh ,Riley , And Tatum  . Guys this is Briannah " He introduced me . I waved . "She's really pretty bro you've hit the jackpot this time " The josh guys smacked his leg .

"Bro she's just a friend" He looked at me smiling . "After tonight she won't be . We know how that story goes  " Tatum said . They all chanted like a bunch of idiots . He rolled his eyes " Can I get you a drink ?" Zayn smiled . I smiled back " Yeah sure " I said . He took my hand and led me to the bar .

After a couple drinks I was fairly Tipsy I didn't wanna get too drunk. We were sitting at the bar aisle just talking . "I really like hanging out with you ." I smiled . He looked down " You really think so ?" He asked slowly looking back up . I nodded . He chuckled a little smiled "I feel the same about you " He said.

I felt warm inside all of the sudden . "Zayn . You comin'?" Riley asked . Riley is weird . "Oh yeah .. You coming with me ?" Zayn asked holding out his hand . I nodded . I took his hand and he led me up the stair with the rest of his friends . We came to this room that when the door opened smoke filled my insides .

I coughed . "What is this ?" I asked . "Relax babe its just weed " Riley said . I was about to walk out and Zayn pulled me back in . "No don't go " He pleaded . "Zayn.." I was saying "If you not okay with it you can leave " He said . I saw the sadness in his eyes . I shook my head . "i'll stay " I smiled a little . He smiled back .

He walked over to the couch and sat down "Sit on my lap Bri " Zayn said . I did as told and sat down . I watched them get high every second I was up there . It was pretty awesome how Zayn was blowing shapes into the air .

How he looked so sexy with his lips parting . My attention came off them when my phone rung . I got my phone out my jacket pocket . It was Harry 

Are you okay ????-Hazzie

"Hey Bri you wanna try ?" Zayn asked . "Noo " I shook my head chuckling . "Comeon let loose ..Is it because of Harry ?" He asked . I looked at him . He was right .. Kinda . "It is ? .. Look Briannah you're old enough to make your own choices " He sat up .

I know he wasn't that high by the way he was talking to me . His eyes were pulling me in some how . They will make you do anything . "Shot gun her Zayn" Tatum suggested . "You know what a shot gun is right ?" Zayn asked me .

I nodded . I read about it . He light up the blunt and took in the smoke . He brought his face close to mine touching them lightly . He let out the smoke and I sucked it in letting it out in the now toxic air . He just stared at me then .

His hands rested on my lower back as I brought my hands to his face . I started to kiss him . I don't know if it was because I was drunk to no end or My contact high was getting worse . But I loved it 


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