Telling The Truth

(S.S) (H.P) After Harry's encounter with Quirrell, Harry faces the truth with Snape. All goes well, until Snape drops the bombshell, will Snape tell Harry that he's his biological father? Or will Harry and Snape continue their live hating each other?


2. Chapter 2

A/N: I've changed Professor Dumbledore to Professor Snape, so Snape can worry about Harry in the hospital wing. Hope you enjoy :)

Something was glinting just above him. A star? As it came into view, he only just made out the outline before he screamed his head off.

"Potter, stop screaming. Potter!"

"Who are you?" asked Harry, nervousness in his voice.

"I am your professor, Potter," with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Harry started at him. Them remembered, "the stone ... Quirrell's got it ... Voldemort .."

"Harry, stop."

"Snape??" asked Harry confused.

"Professor Snape to you, Potter," stated Snape. "What you did tonight was really foolish, you nearly got killed in the process."

"Well, sorry for trying to save the wizarding world, because Voldemort nearly came back. Why are you here anyway?"

"Enough of your arrogance, Potter." snapped Snape. "I just came to see if you've come around, not to get my head bitten off. Apparently you have, will you excuse me?"




Snape stood to leave, but felt a hand stopping him on his robes. Potter's hand had gripped his robes.

"Potter, let go,"

"Professor, please don't leave me," moaned Harry. He saw Harry trying to sit up, but started to sway, he slowly pushed him back down to rest.

"What is it Potter?"

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Harry.

"If you must, but make it quick."

He sat down at the foot of Harry's bed. Will I tell him now? he thought, he must know.

"What happened when I touched Quirrell's face?"

"I can't answer that, ask Professor Dumbledore, he knows," answered Snape. "I must be going."

He stood to leave the hospital wing, and didn't look back.




Why in merlin's name, didn't I tell him? I had enough time back there, instead of excusing myself? Do I really want to avoid the subject anymore? He needs to know he has a father, who he can trust and rely on. But lately, he seems to hate me. How can I take care of Potter if he has the face of James Potter, but the eyes ... Lily's eyes. Those green familiar eyes. Those I loved dearly.

He had been so hard on the boy, but now ... That was something Lily would have said. Furious with himself, Severus took up a quill and started grading paper, letting his guilt and remorse transform into criticism for his students. This served only as a distraction, not relief, and Severus knew it would be a rough night.



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