Valentine's Day with One Direction (One-Shot)

Stephanie and Lauren feel miserable on Valentine's Day. That is until they wander into the forest to find a certain boy band performing a music video.


1. One Shot!

Stephanie and Lauren wandered aimlessly around the park, looking for something more exciting to do. With it being valentines day, both girls felt miserable and slightly awkward. Couples strolled past the girls holding hands, kissing, cuddling, wrapping up walm. It made the girls feel alone and depressed. "Well, this sucks." Stephanie sighed and she slumped down onto a park bench. "I think we're the only teens in Manchester to not actually have a date on Valentines Day!"

Lauren laughed and sat next to Steph on the bench. "Guess its not too bad. We have our boys." Lauren help up her phone case, which had a gorgeous picture of One Direction on it. Both girls burst into laughter and admired the phone case. They were huge One Direction fan, their favourite being Louis Tomlinson. They often got bullied for liking the boys, but they didn't care. Nobody could tell the girls they couldn't like them!

After a few minutes rest on the park bench, the girls decided to stroll of into the forest. They'd made a tree house right in the center, away from any fuss of the main road and dog walkers. It was there special place to just be alone. But today, they weren't the only ones there.

Walking up to their destination, Stephanie and Lauren's jaws almost dropped to the floor when they saw what they never thought they'd see in their lives.

One Direction.

Performing a music video.

In their tree house.

Right in front of them.

Trying to hold onto their shrieks, the girls squeezed each others hands and stared closely at the fire boys, who were clearly performing their music video to 'You and I'.

No one noticed them at first, but the first person who did, came strolling up to them. "Hey, this is a private did you get in he-- You okay?"

Louis Tomlinson were stood right in front of the teenage girls.

The girls shrieked and smacked their hands over their mouths. Louis stared at the girls before bursting into a fit of laughter. "You're fans then, I guess." Louis then took hold of each of the girls hands and took them towards the set of the music video.

"Guys, I found the models for our video!" Louis smiled to the other four boys and producers. One producer walked over to the girls, examining them on his way. "Hm.." He said once he aproached them. "Okay..." He gestured for the girls to go over to the boys. The girls followed their orders and ended up in the middle of the whole of One Direction.

It was a complete dream come true for the obsessed teenagers.

Louis kissed their cheek, Niall cuddled them from behind, Liam ruffled their hair, Zayn high fived them and Harry told them endless knock-knock jokes.

In the end, the girls didn't care that it was Valentine's Day. All they cared about was that they met their idols and performed in a music video with them! They didn't need anyone else, they just needed One Direction.

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