how we met ??

how i met her and how she changed my life <33


1. Normal Day


 josh P.O.V :

 another normal day i woke up took a shower and went to the cafe to take my coffee before going to my work "morning can i help you sir " "yeah can i have one coffee please " :sure that s.. 3.17 dollar " "here we go " i took my coffee and went to sit on a table by a window till a blonde girl with right blue eyes came in and sat on the table next to me i kept staring at her i made eye contact with her twice i couldn't stop staring at her i think she is the one are you stupid josh you cant love girl you have just met my thoughts was interrupted by some one "can i ask you a question why are you staring at me " it was her

 jade P.O.V:

 i woke up and took a shower and went to the cafe i took my coffee and sat on a table next to it there was a table were a man was siting on it he kept staring at me he made eye contact with me twice i wasn't comfortable so i went to him and asked him "can i ask you WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME" i half shouted he was speechless but i was lost in his deep green bright green eyes with his brown curly hair he was just GORGEOUS oh my god what am i saying i just shouted at him " im sorry i couldn't let my eyes of you " i blushed "please sit down" he said to me i smiled and sat down " so whats your name " he asked "jade what about you" "josh" he let his hands out to shake and i took it and shake it we kept talking for like a hour .then he left because he  had work but we exchanged our numbers PERFECT

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