The Unexpected

Jade and her best friend Ashley spend their summer vacation in Hawaii where One Direction just so happens to be. There Vacation's don't turn out how they expected. Is everything going to turn out alright........


1. Before reading

Hello my little kittens!!!! I am writing this story with JadeLeeAnneStyles1994, we decided to write this because well I think she is a good writer, I like her stories and she says that I have good stories (which I don't believe for a second. people have way better stories than I do.) So we decided to make a story together. Some chapter will be written by her and others by me. We might need some random people to add to the story to date the boys but that will come later in the story. I just want to say thank you for reading this and I hope you like it. (The character Ashley is supposed to be me,just not with my name) 

Harry and Louis give this story a thumbs up!!!!! (: xx





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