1. This is my first fan fiction. sorry for my English 😂 i dont know it very well soo.. 😄

Ok hi my name is Alex and im 18 i like to draw and sont like to talk about myself. Dont think that im so rude...

My P.O.U

So it was just a day. I got up and went to the bathroom. Then i wore my Uniform and went downstairs to have some breakfast. And we went to school i dont like school bc of my classmates. They hate me. The think that im so strange and they say that im a "dreamer". But anyways i dont interest about this. Of course i have crush on one boy.He is so beatifull. And i love him but he dont know who im.. I mean he just laugh at me.. So after lessons me with my bff were walking in the hall. And my crush were there too. He came closer to me and pushed me. And everyone were laughing so hard.. And.. I started to cry and run of school. I run so fast . I dont want to call my mom. I went to the bridge i sit there and started to cry.. I dont thought about self harm but.. At this moment.. I thought "why not?" I was thinking until my mom started to call me i answered and said that im coming home. I got up and went to my house. I came in and said "im at home" i think that i must not talk about this problem at school. I said that i dont want to eat and i went to my room to do some exercise. I can not do them bc i cant stop think about this self-harm. But then my sis entered my room and said , can i go with her to park to watch Justin Bieber's concert. I said that yes i can go . She was so happy. I love her soo much. But i dont know who is this "justin bieber" and i was not interested about this.

So next day when i got up it was 8:00 and my sis run into my room and screamed : heey! Get up! Hurry up! We must go! And I got up wore my jeans tshirt and we went there. There were a lot of screaming girls and i feel so uncomfortable about this. So then JB went to the stage and started to sing. He was so beautiful but i knew that he is just a celeb with money and thats all.. Then my sis said that she want to go to the bathroom i said that i cant find toulet here. And i said "stay here i will go and maybe find some cafe to go to the bathroom" and was looking and i just cant see a boy near me and i stumbled at him. "Oh im sorry !" And i smiled. Then i saw that he turned and said "oh its ok" and he smiled. And then i reolized that he was this Justin Bieber. He said "you went to my concert? And smiled with his perfect smile. " yeah i went here with my sister" and then i suddenly rememberd about my sister and i said "oh im sorry but i must go. Bye" and run off. We went home and i cant stop thinking about Justin. But i said to myself that its just a fever.

Passed 3 days. And it was friday evening and i went to my friend's party. I wore some beautiful silver dress high heels. And i went. I entered the club there were so loud and there were so many people. But j finaly found my friends amd i went to him. We were dancing. And there were so funny. Then someone famous entered the club bc everyone were looking there. I heard that someone whispered: omg its Justin bieber!" I looked at him he was in his sun glasses but there were no sun in the club. He came with his friends and girls. I know that im not his type of Girl. So then i went on the dancefloor with friends suddenly i saw that he was looking at me. I feel so uncomfortable. Then i went to sit and i saw that he was looking at me again. Then he came to me and said "oh hi do you remember me? Im justin.You push me in the park and he smiled with big smile. I smiled too And said "oh yeah im sorry again" and we started to laughing together. Then he said " wanna dance with me?.. And smiled "why not?" We were dancing a lot and it was amazing. And we were so close to each other to kiss.. It was like we were alone on the dance floor. But then i stoped and said that " i must go. Thank you and bye " and i gave him a kiss in his cheek. And run off. He was standing there alone. And i run of the club alone. And i were thinking why?! Why i left?! But then i realized that he is a fever and im not his type of girl.

Tomorrow morning when i were leaving the house i saw some beautiful red car. And Justin near it. I wondered what he is doing here. He said " your kind sister told me where do you life" i smiled "soo wanna hang out like friends he smiled" i were thinking a lot about this self-harm. And i think that i will do this.. But now... "Yes we can.. Like friends i smiled" he smiled with his big smile. We went to many interesting places, he were talking about hisself and every time he talk i think that he is not this type of celeb. He is another.. It was late night and we were lying on the grass watching the sky and we were talking about everything. Then he said " you know i have met a lot of girls buut you are not like them.. I dont know how to say but.. You are another. I fall in love with you at the first side. I didnt know that i will fall in love soo fast. I said "you know i thought that this is just a fever but.. No its not.." Then he drived me home. And he said that "we can hangout together a lot?.. If you want?.. " i looked at him and said "yeah of course we can"and we smiled at each other " i said bye and went to my home. He waved to me and smiled.

Passed a mounth.

We were really good friends with Justin and i liked this realationship. But his fans thouhgt that we are dating and they hated me. They sent meessages like "die yourself" and etc. but Justin said that its ok they are just joking.

When justin's tour began he went there . But in the airpot he said :i know we are friends and we are good friends but.. Im going on a tour and we will not see each other for a long. Thats why i wanna say to you this.. I love you and i will always love you. You are the only one i wanna live for. I will come and i dont know what will happen when i will come back but remember that i will always love you. Bye... He said And kissed me.. I whispered " i love you too..."

Passed 3 months

It was very haard bc i missed him soo much! I counted days.. Hours.. But.. I cant stop thinking about him.. I saw some photos of him while he is on tour and he was so happy. He was hanging out withi his friends with some girls.. I texted him a lot but he dont answered.. And i started to think that its a fever..and it always was.. He is not that Justin i know. I wrote a letter to him... My last letter.. "So.. Hi Justin.. Its me Alex.. How are you? Im fine..if you want to know.. Oh no im not.. This is the last letter i wrote.. And i wrote it not to my mom or to my bff.. I wrote it to you.. When we first met i thought that this is always and forever.. But its not.. You are my first love.. So many places we went.. So many happy memories.. But its all just a memories.. Now.. If you read this letter thats fine.. Bc im not alive anymore.. I write this on bridge when we were laying together.. If you remembered.. You showed me this world.. And i thought that we are on the top of the world... Ok my last word to you.. I love you. Bye"

His P.O.U

When i read it i thought that i was sleeping but i dont.. I went to airport to go.. To see her.. But i think that its late.. And yeah it was.. He jumped over this bridge.. I went there. Stand there. And i said like she was near.. I dont write to you bc i missed you. And i was crying every day bc of you.. You are perfect to me.. And you are still.. Love you. And dont tell me im your heartbreaker..."

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