The Key to Her Heart

Not your typical princess locked in a tower by a dragon with a knight coming to save the day love story.


1. Chapter 1

Maybe today would be the day that he would finally talk to her. Say something like, “Hello”. No, that would be stupid, just stupid. She is a princess he thought. You don’t just walk up and say, “Hello” to a Princess. “Your royal highness” would be more appropriate or maybe he should complement her beauty by saying something like, “Excuse me the fair princess”. No he needed to get this just right. First impressions were important. Yes she had seen him many times before, but this would be the first time that they actually would speak one to another and he needed to get it just right. He needed her. Not a need like when a parent tells a child that they need to do their chores or eat everything on their plate. No, he needed her like a knight needs a sword, like a fish needs water, like a dragon needs fire or like a man needs a women. His life would be incomplete without her. “Princess may I say that you look wonderful today. Like a brilliant sunrise to the artist, like the rose to the gardener, like the harp to the musician or like fire to a dragon.” Yes, that would do, much better. That is how he would start talking to her today he though as he ascended up the many steps that lead to her room.

After what seemed like an eternity, he reached her door. He put the water jug down in front of the door that he was carrying to free up a hand since his other had was occupied with carrying a platter of food for the Princess. He pulled out a key and slipped it into the key hole. He took a breath thinking to himself, “Well here goes nothing” and he turned the key.

The door opened with a loud creeeeek and then there she was, the beautiful Princess with her long golden hair. Seeing her sitting there, out on the balcony with the red and golden sky of the rising sun complimenting her every feature, took his breath away. He wished that he could paint the majestic scene that now stood before his eyes and hang it above his bed to remind him that there were things in life worth living for.

“Princess may I say …” he started to say as he stepped into the room and tripped on the water jug, spilling water and food all over the room. Ohh Nooooooooo! What had he done? How could be so stupid? Now she will think that he was nothing more than a clumsy fool. He had failed. Maybe she did not notice? He looked up and saw for the first time the deep blue eyes of the princess looking right back into his eyes. It was a mesmerizing moment. She got up and walked over and helped him up. What was going on? She was a princess, why was she helping him up to his feet? Why was she getting a couple of towels and holding one out to him? Then it clicked. No she was not helping him, she was expecting him to clean up the mess that he had made, as a person of lower status should. How dare he think that the princess, the princess would stoop down to do something so menial as dry the floor! Stupid, why did he have to be so stupid today?

“Here, take it. Dry yourself off” she said as she bent down and began to clean up the mess that he had made. He could not believe his eyes. He was pretty sure that there was some divine law out there that stated that a women could not be born of high stature, be absolutely gorgeous and be kind.

Finally his senses came back to him and he began to apologize profusely, “I am so sorry. I was just struck by your beauty. I am … I am sorry. Ohh now you don’t have water, let me go get more.” With that he stumbled out the door and down the steps to fetch a pail of water, leaving the princess with the broken jug and a wide open door.

When he came back up the stairs with another pitcher of water he had calmed down and composed himself, or so he though until he saw that the room at the top of the tallest tower was empty and that his prisoner was nowhere to be see. A deep red rage filled his chest and expanded throughout the rest of his body. He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, locking it. He then ran over to the far side of the room to the balcony and jumped off into the orange and red sunrise.

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