First Blood


1. The Dreams that Turned out to be True.

I had no idea what happened! i went to bed as usual, i watched Star Wars on my Ipad til dad came in and yelled at me as usual and i know things are meant to change but I read Canterwood Crest books till I fell asleep as usual.  That is usually how my night goes, but not tonight I had felt edgy all afternoon. If something really bothers me usually tell my parents but I don't know what happened I couldn't just say that something about my birthday bothered me, right? who would say that to their parents the day before their sweet sixteen! so i had just doe the usual but I couldn't sleep and if i did I would have awkward dreams where I left the house at midnight and received pointy teeth from some dude I didn't even know existed. I was freaked so i went down for a cup of coffee and some movies but i spilt the coffee and i fainted because i really can't take pain.

When i woke up I realised the guests would be arriving soon so i put on my birthday dress and shivered, my window was open, how did it get like that? and then i remembered that all i remember was the kitchen, further more I was in my room now! Oh well mom and dad probaly found me lying in smashed glass burnt all over by the coffee and I was surprised now, I didn't feel anything, nothing urt at all! I walked down and mum said my dress was adorable, her words not mine, so here is a pic of my dress on me.

So yeah my theme was pretty in kimono i liked this one and it looks good on me right? well that is what i look like now and my guests are arriving so i bolt upstairs to check my hair and i see TEETH, POINTY VAMPIRE TEETH! I screamed and screamed until mum and dad came up what are you screaming at? Mum said but I realy wasn't ready to show her so I just said I saw a mouse they left mumbling girls these days! I went down to the party hoping nobody would notice but halfway through the party i was talking and one of the girls saw the teeth she asked why I dressed up as a vampire and i said I hadn't and she asked why I had teeth and I said i didn't know then she screamed vampire and the mob of girls ran away. Party. Ruined. My mom came in "Darling why is the coffee pot not on the holder and why was a mug smashed on the floor and really take off those teeth you scared away the guests!" I was frazzled I had woken up in my room not the kitchen but it couldn't be a dream, could it?

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