Heart of Darkness

Allison is thrilled when Harry returns to town, but Harry suspects that something has been going on between David and Allison.


1. what do you mean by he's back?

Allison's POV:

Harrys back. He's coming back today. Is it to hard to believe? The love of my life that i haven't seen for over 6 months is coming back? My phone buzzes i look to see who it is and it says "babe I'm here." I jump out of my seat to see him coming up the yard.. I run and jump into his arms happy to see him again.

Harry's POV:

Ever since i left i couldn't stand being away from her. No one will understand why i left, what i did, What i had to do.. But ever since i came back to town.. Allison doesn't seem herself she acts different around me. There has to be something shes hiding from me. "Allison?" I say. "Have you seen anyone since i left?

Allison's POV:

Shit. I couldn't say that i did? His dreamy blue eyes and his hair swept the perfect way. "No" i say... "Have you?" I asked him nervously not knowing what he would say.. "Of course not" he says "i would never cheat on you." He says. Why do i feel like a bad person. Has there ever been something you kept from someone to just not hurt them and see what might happen if you did tell them? He smiles at me and says "i love you Allison." He says. i cant keep it from him anymore. "Harry.. I did see someone else." I couldn't believe what happened.

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