The Masquerade Valentines Day Ball

Its February 14 Valentines Day. As every Valentines Day the school has a masquerade Valentines Day Ball. My friends are Mari, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and,Louis. What happens when a simple spill leads me to my prince charming?


1. Cinderella Night

     It's February 14 Valentines Day. As every Valentines Day the school has a masquerade valentines Day Ball. My friends are Mari, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Loius are my best friends. But Mari is my cousin and best friend. As Mari and i walk to the store of dresses she picks out a lime green dress. She then finds a lime green mask with diamonds. I then find a beautiful aqua blue dress i then find the matching mask with diamonds. As we bought our dresses i get a call from the boys telling us to go to Liam's house. As Mari drives to Liam's house we talk about the ball and if the guys are going. As we arrive i ring the doobell. Liam answers and says "What took you girls so long?" Before i can answer he hugs me. We go inside and he says "Are you girls going to the   ball?" I say "Yes we are." I ask you guys going they all say yes.                                                                                                                SKIP TO THE Ball                  It was 10:50pm Mari and I were talking with the boys. The Niall asked Mari can i have this dance. Mari said "Yes." Then they were Navigating though the crowd. Then they were dancing. Liam said "Um do you want to dance with me?" I said "Yes." We then navigated though the crowd and danced it was fun. But then a girl cut in and said "Do you mind if i cut in?" Liam looked at me like trying to say to let him dance with that girl. I said "No go a head." Then they were dancing. As I try to get though the crowd of people dancing i bump into a tall curly harried boy. I look and I accidentally made him spill his drink. I speak up and say "I am so sorry." He looks up and says "It's no problem no harm done." Then I say "Is there anything i can do?" He says "Well I am new to this school and i don't know any one will you dance with me." I look at his green eyes and say "Yes." We danced for a hour. As we danced it felt magical. Then the boy got close and i could feel his warm breath and he brushed off some of my black hair from my cheek. Then we were kissing it felt like fireworks on the forth of July. I know he felt the same because when the kiss ended he look at me like if we were meant to be. The a lady said in a microphone that it is midnight now every remove their masks.As we removed are masked. I saw .......                                                                                

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