Justin gets jealous when his 1 year girlfriend runs into her ex boyfriend Carter which they have dated 2 years. They ran into each other on her birthday at the mall. She gives him her number. Justin is mad when they start hanging out together.


1. Little Info

My name is Alexa. I am a little short I Have brown eyes and long brown hair. I have a boyfriend Justin. We have been dating for about 12 months now soo a year.

Justin gets jealous easy. When he does get jealous he proves that I am his and he is mine ONLY. He proves it in a dirty way. It's turns me on.

Anyways, I am 18 and he is 19. My parents somewhat approves of him. They would totally but once when my parents were at work they weren't supposed to be home until 9 but came home at 6 and we were out on the couch making out. My dad totally freaked. And Justin had to go home. My mom was like:

Mom- SHES 18 I think she's allowed to do it. She's a senior in high school now. And he just turned 19 give it a rest.

She's pretty cool. Anyways....


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