Justin gets jealous when his 1 year girlfriend runs into her ex boyfriend Carter which they have dated 2 years. They ran into each other on her birthday at the mall. She gives him her number. Justin is mad when they start hanging out together.


2. Birthday

I woke up it was 7 am and I had is also my birthday. I woke up to at least 5 happy birthday texts. One was from Justin:

To: Lexa From:Justin

Happy Birthday baby! Your 19! I'll be by your place around 7:30 to pick you up for school.

He came school went by fast. By the end of school I was on my way to my locker when I saw justin. He hugged me an whispered in my ear

Justin- let's go.

He Kissed my neck I stopped him

Me- justin we are in a school hallway.

Justin- okay okay.

We walked to his car and drove to the mall. We went threw A lot of stores. And we came to the apple store. I picked out seven phone cases. When we went to pay I saw someone I knew way back!

Carter- LEXA long time no see eh?!?!

Me- carter! Yeah! Nice to see again!

Carter- how have you been?!

Me- good you?

Carter- good...who's this?

Justin- I'm justin.....lexas BOYFRIEND you are?

he said harshly and glaring at him.

Carter- carter lexas EX boyfriend.

Justin- oh yeah how long did that last?

Carter- two years you?

Me- okay....well I'm glad your doing good.

Justin out his hand around my waist tightly. He was jealous.

Carter- I see you around school all the time we need to catch up!

Me- yeah sure!

carter- okay can I have your number and we will meet up!

Me- yeah

I gave him my number

Carter- great ill text you tomorrow

Me- okay nice seeing you

We left. Justin was quite. We went into Starbucks and sat down at a table.

Me- Jay what's wrong baby?

I said with a pouty face

Justin- nothing

Me- something's wrong tell me

Justin- its nothing don't worry about it.

Me- no it's not. Tell me.

Justin- alright alright...carter you gave him your guys dated two years and we have been dated for one. And he all of a sudden wants to 'catch' up?...

I cut him off.

Me- your jealous...

Justin- of course I am lex....

Me- there is no reason for jealousy...we're just friends

Justin- for now

Me- no not for now your mine and I'm your ONLY

I leaned across the table with my lips puckered for him and he kissed me. We were in Justin's car. When we arrived at my house justin helped me with my things. We went to go put them up in my bedroom. I can tell he was still upset.

Me-do you want to watch a movie.

Justin- yeah sure which one?

Me- the vow

I was a cheesy romantic justin smiled and laughed a little okay.

Me- okay

I laid on my bed. Justin had plopped down next to me we covered up with the blankets and his arm was around me and I cuddled in his chest.

Justin- your too cute

Me- nah

Justin- so if carter texts you are you going to text back?

Me- probably

Justin did a tighter squeeze


Me- so I can tell him where we can meet up

Justin- well can he f*ck you the way I can

I smirked I decided to tease him a bit.

Me- probably I wouldn't know

Justin was angry but still sexy

Justin- oh really

Me- yeah.

I got up and ran into the bathroom and justin chased me but I locked the door. He was pounding on the door yelling


Me-nah I think I'm going to text carter

Justin got angrier


me- whoops here I go...dear carter I just wanted to ask you a quick question..

Justin cut me off


Me- I was wondering if you can f*ck me better than justin......on the count of 3 I'm going to hit send

Justin- LEXA

me I quietly opened the door he wasn't there and I tried to sneak out when someone pushed me against the wall. Justin. He was breathing heavily and full of anger. He picks me up. Squeezing my ass. And I was still pushed against the wall. He was kissing my neck. He hit the sweet spot. He licked the sweet spot and he started sucking on it making a hicky. To leave his territory. Than he walked me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed still angry. Took his shirt off threw it to the side. Took my leggings of threw them to the side. Took my shirt off to where I was in a bra and underwear. he started licking my neck down my body he started rubbing my V making me wet. He did and evil smile.he pulled them off and started licking roughly. Spreading my legs. The room full of moans and screaming. He took my bra off. And his pants an underwear. We were both naked. Soon as I know it he was pounding hard. It shocked me cuz it was unexpected. And I was moaning loud.

Justin- so can he.

Me- yes he can

Justin pounded even harder over and over


Justin- CAN HE?!


he pounded harder.

Justin-CAN HE?!?!

I was reaching my climax and so was he.


Justin slowed down and plopped next to me. And kissed me firmly.

Me- I love it when your jealous.

Justin smiled. We fell asleep. And it was 10 am and I woke up to a text.

To: LEXA From:Carter

Hey lex this is carter. This is easier than Doing it in person and that is...I still love you. I don't know why I'm Doing this. Your just so beautiful. You with justin makes me cringe because I want you. I want to be the one with my arm around you. I want to be the one kissing you and telling I love you....I love you lexa.

I was so shocked....why? Did I still like him too? I do know that when we broke up I was devastated..I was heartbroken..I was hurt....NO NO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING LEXA?! Your with justin and you love him! I got another text

To: LEXA From:Carter





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