Neighbours (Yaoi/Boy x Boy)

WARNING-Boy x boy,Yaoi.
Leonard's wife has just recently cheated on him,and he has now moved into a run down area of town with his lovley son,Alexy. He loves his son and would do anything for him but ever since alexy meet their (Openly gay)upstairs nieghbour,Luka,Alexy has wanted to play with luka. Friendship,romance and love is all that evvery one needs!

(Contains some sumt)


3. Chapter 3

      ~Leons P.O.V~


               I slowly opened my eyes to here the sound of my alarm going off,hmm i sat up slamming my hand down on the alarm clock shutting it up. I got up and rubbed my head getting dressed. I glanced at the clock out of curiosity,It was 8 if i didn't leave now i wouldn't make it to the bus,BUT I NEED TO DROP ALEXY OFF! MY ALARM CLOCK FAILED!!!MOTHER FUC-- I was interupted well running around like a chicken with its head cut of by alexy.


"Mmmm-Papa,can i see luka~?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

LUKA! THAT WAS IT. "Papa....?"I bolted out of my room and ran up the stairs to the flats on the second level. I found luka's door and started pounding on it. "Coming,coming." Luka said in a small sleepy voice as he swung the door open. "Ah,Leo...what is it--" Luka said before i grabbed his shoulders. "I need to go to wooorrrrrk! CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE ALEXY TO DAYCARE!!!???"  I yelled grabbing him by the shoulders. At first lukas eyes were wide in shock,but now he was giggling. He nodded "You said you had a meeting with an author you like,right. Then,Go,Go or your gonna miss the bus." Luka said winking. "Your A Life savor!" I hollord kissing his check then rushing off.


       ~Luka's P.O.V~

    I touched my check as he ran off,he doesn't notice it him self but he sure can act like a kid sometimes. He has also must likely forgotten i was gay. I sighed leaning over the railing "Alexy~ Go get dressed. Il be down in a minute after i get dressed as well!" i waited for alexys little giggle and i took it as an "Okay." I went into my apartment getting dressed and bringing down some breed. I knocked on the door slightly happy to hear the silence,alexy was good enough boy that he knew not to answer the door. "Alexy~ Its luka." I said, and within seconds the door flung open and alexy clung to luka's leg. "Okay-Okay,I need to make you some food! How about a PB and J Sandwich?" And with that alexy nodded fastly.


     After eating i got alexy to wash his face and brush his teeth. As i packed up all his school stuff. Alexy was a super hyper kid,and i loved being around a kid again. It made me feel younger again. I sighed thinking about my age. When alexy clung to my leg. "Im readddddyyy!" I smiled again as i retched out my hand and he then clung to that as i walked out of the door with this cute little monkey hanging of my arm.


        After the give or take ten minute walk to the day care i walked in and a tall man with blond hair,he was wearing a apron showing that he worked here,he came out of a room on the left and came over to alexy. "We were all worried about you,alexy!" The blond boy said running his fingers throw alexys hair. Alexy giggled. "Sorry papa got up late!" The blond looked up to me. "And Who is This~?Im troy!" The blond said raising up he was a good foot taller then me. I stuck out my hand,"Hi,im Luka,Alexys upsta--" I was cut off. "He's Luka he's my-"Alexy said before grabbing the blonds arm and whispering in his ear. The man laughed. "Yes i remember you saying something like that!" the man continued giggling but i decided that it was probably something stupid. Chuckling i passed the blond alexys bag. "Well il be leaving,your papa will pick you up!" I said waving as i left for the road.


     I made my way back into alexys apartment to grab my things. I went to go grab the breed when i noticed all of alexys stuffys on the couch i went to go clean them up but in the process i stumbled and landed on the couch with all these stuffed animals on top of me. I sighed as i stopped fighting the urge to fall asleep...right...there......


Random Extra~
                                     ~Troy's P.O.V~

"And Who is This~?Im troy!" I said standing up I was a good foot taller then the other blond. I took the mans hand,"Hi,im Luka,Alexys upsta--" He was cut off. "He's Luka he's my-" Alexy said before grabbing my arm and whispering in his ear. "Future wife~!!" he said.I laughed. "Yes i remember you saying something like that!" I continued,Laughing and giggling.


Authors Note~

  So Its late and im tired but i had an urge to write so here you go hope you like!!! Comment <3

                                                              ~Love Gillian~




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