Valentines Day Sucks!

I hate valentines day and always will or so I thought. High School sucks and to add to it one day a year I have to sit here and cant complain about all the annoying couples sucking face in the commons. This should be fun.


1. Chapter One

Hi I'm Andrea and I HATE valentines day. Why you probably won't ask? Well I have hated it since kindergarten. I was always one of those girls that didn't get as many valentines as the other girls. In 5th grade I had my valentines box sitting on my desk and the boy I liked at the time walked up to it, opened it and then spit in it. Mmmm romantic!

By the time I got to 6th grade I was over the salivating jerk and now had a crush on the mean popular boy. We all have one in our school. Well me being the bright girl I am I put a big heart shaped valentine card on his locker with a bunch of candy taped to it.

I walked out of math and him and his friends were standing by my locker laughing. I started to turn and walk in the direction of my next class, because my books weren't that important anyway. One of his buddies yelled out, "hey flabs (keep in mind I was a bit pudgy then) like your locker?"

I looked at my locker and there was toilet paper strewn from it and it had loser and fatface written all over it. The names they called me weren't even clever. At the time I was crushed and I ended up running to the office and calling home because I "didn't feel good."

By the time I got to freshman year I was a lot more smart when it came to boys. Or so I liked to think. I had a relationship over 8th grade summer and he was great until I found out he was also dating my friend Hope. So that ended.

I probably had some of the worst valentines days in high school ever, and I cant wait to tell you about all my misery.

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