The story of the short love of Neville longbottem and luna Lovegood. - completed-


1. Neville

P.o.v Neville

I walked into the crippled castle. I was covered in blood and just wanted to find Gran. I know she was alive, a big battle like this couldn't get her. My gran was though.

The frost people I saw were harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys. I went over to them and asked if they had seen gran. They said no, but Luna was looking for me.

"Neville I'm so proud of you. Just like your mum and dad, fought till the end." Gran was beaming at me. She finally was proud of me.

"Neville there are some Naricalls by your head!" Luna had found me. "Oh how do I get rid of them?" I asked her jokingly.

~later that day~

"I never noticed how beautiful luna is. Dancing in that weird way of hers." I was talking to harry, Ron, dean, and Seamus.

"She is pretty," dean was talking and Seamus agreed.

"Good evening, Luna. May I dance with you?" I ask Luna this in a low almost timed way. "Of course. Neville isn't the night sky pretty?" She asked me this as if she know I liked her.

"Almost as pretty as you. Luna will you go on a date with me?" As I said this I almost slapped myself. "Yes I would be delighted. Shall we go to the Three Broomsticks right now?" Luna asked

"Ya let's just say goodbye to everyone first."

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