Seamus and Niall

Life at home for Seamus May seem easy but ... Read to find out
The boy in the top left is Patrick. Boy in the top right is Seamus In the middle is me Sarah in the bottom left Niall bottom right Liam.
There are two titles to this book


1. My Life

Sarah POV

Hi I'm Sarah Horan and I have four brothers. Seamus (shay mus ) he's six and Liam is 10 and Patricks nine and Niall is 18. I love having brothers it's kinda fun. We'll I'm 12 years old. Sometimes we get into fights. But whatever.

My brothers fight a lot but I'm used to it. Seamus got stitches three times. I love all my brothers a lot though. In our house we love music. Me and Niall play the guitar when my mum and dad and my other brothers sing. We love music. I like it when we all just sit there and sing Irish songs and watch Patrick dance.

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