Happiness comes to the good

What happens when a young girl is accused of something not her fault?


1. Aliza

Aliza's POV

I packed my things and got on the plane as soon as I possibly could. I sat down and put on my headphones. I watches and the plane pulled off from the ground. I knew there was someone next to me but I was not sure who it was. After about 45 minutes I put my headphones and MP3 player in the bag I had with me. The man next to me looked kinda familiar. He had black hair in a quiff, dark brown eyes and a beard. He saw me looking at him and smiled. "You look familiar" I said by accident. "Oh, we'll my name is Zayn Malik" he said. Still sounded familiar. "Are you famous?" I said. "Yes, I am" he said. Cool. "Are you in a band?" I said. "Yes I am" he said. "Which one?" I said. "One Direction" he replied. Oh yea! Awesome. "Oh yea! Your from One Direction! My friends used to talk about you guys all that time" I said more quietly at the end. "What's wrong?" He said. "I don't get to see my friends anymore" I said frowning. "Why not?" He asked. "We'll, about a week ago, there was a trial that I had to go to because there were a bunch of people killed and a bunch of crimes committed and lots of bad stuff happened. The person who did all that stuff was my cousin, but he and my mother blamed me for all that stuff. So now I have to go to London's Academy for Misbehaved Girls" I said. "How do you know he did it?" He said. "I heard them talk about it, my mom didn't like me so she got him to do that stuff and blame it on me" I said unhappily. "Oh" he said. The plane landed and he stopped me be fore I walked away. " I never got your name" he said. "Aliza Welding" I said and walked to the man holding a card with my name on it. I hope the people there are nice.

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