How YouTubers Play a Game of Big Brother

This is the story of Kinlie and a few other YouTubers whos lives get turned upside down while inside the Big Brother house.


5. Elemenations Time

Kinlie's POV

Time for eviction this week. Everyone, one by one, goes to the diary room and casts their vote to evict.

I was not allowed to vote because of me being HoH.

"Houseguests, the player who is evicted will have just a few moments to gather his or her belongings, say goodbye, and leave the Big Brother house. In an anonymous vote of, 6 to 7, Sawyer, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house. You will have a chance to get back into the Big Brother house, but that will be later in the season.

Everyone stood up and Sawyer hugged everyone but me. He gave me a brief hug and I heard him whisper the words in a choked-up voice "thanks" and went to walk out."you da man!" I heard Tyler yell before Sawyer opened the door and Sawyer turned around and smile at him.

He walked out the door and I heard a crowd of people cheering. That set in reality for me. Everyone in the United States and United Kingdom know what I just did.

They are going to hate me. Anyone who likes Sawyer is going to hate me and the house fell silent. We all went over to the board with the faces on it and watched her face turn to a black and white picture instead of the colored picture, like everyone else's picute. Seeing that I caused that made me want to burst out into tears. I ran upstairs to my room and it wasn't but a moment or two later that I heard a light knock and then see Phil's head poke through the door. As soon as he noticed that I was doing he came in and just held me and told me soothing things in a hushed voice.

This is why I have always Loved Phil- he makes me feel safe.

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