raine everdeen and her sisters try to win the battle over the capitol


1. Leaving Day

The games, the Quarter Quell, the fear was nothing compared to what was happening now. Uprisings, death, disaster because of a stunt a few victors pulled in at the end of the games. My name is Raine Everdeen my 2 sisters are skye and cloud Everdeen we are surviving tributes from the games and quarter quell. Plutarch Heavensbee rescued us at the end of the quarter quell when the force field was destroyed along with a few other tributes. Johanna mason from district  7, finnick odair from district 4, beetee from district 3 and peeta mellark from district 12. Peeta and cloud were originally choosen by Effie trinket at the quarter quell reaping to be tributes but Plutarch had a plan. Me and skye were to sneak in the arena to help the other tributes to destroy the force field and we succeeded and are now back recovering in district 13 with our family.  but now we must leave. us and  a group of other troops are leaving on a hovercraft to the capitol to take down snow and all who stand in our way. we took many weeks to pinpoint exactly how we were going to get through to the capitols center and hunt down snow in his mansion but we did it. a certain number of trusted troops will have a small wrist accessory called a holo. it is a tracking device and bomb for if needed throw it say holo three times and it will be no more.

me and my sisters walked up to my mother who was standing with prim by the small plain looking bed under where distict 13 once was. "its time for us to go now" spoke Cloud her voice clear but shaky." Be careful let no one stand in your way, take care of eacother." tears flooded her eyes. "and most importantly...don't die...I love you." "I love you too we all said in chorus. " take care little flower" I said to prim who clutched my hand tightly in hers. " I will" she said. we boarded the hovercraft with hamitch, Plutarch , and the other tributes. the sky fell away from us I heard the humming of more than one air craft, hamitch looked startled." whats happening" I screamed. "the capitol found us" yelled finnick. we were only a few miles from district 13 when the hovercrafts stopped and hovered. "Haymitch we need to help them!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. But the bombs had already begun to fall.

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