Help me, Daddy!

Darcy is daughter of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The teens life was perfect until the people at school finds out she wasn't born like normal children are.

What happens when Darcy can't take the hate anymore? Can her fathers help her through it or is it the end of Darcy Stylinson?


4. Here comes trouble!

Tyler Horan one of the most popular guys in school. Mostly because he was absolutely stunning and had an amazing personality. His bright blue eyes perfectly matched his blonde hair. He looked so much like his Father, Niall Horan. Tyler was a year above Darcy, meaning he was 17. They hadn't done anything sexual yet, which some people thought was extremely weird and down right stupid, but Darcy and Tyler wanted to make their first time special. And they had to wait. Wait for one of their houses to be free or just wait till they both were...ready.

'Hey beautiful.' Tyler whispered in Darcy's ear, giving her a soft kiss in the spot that he knew drove her crazy. Darcy licked her lips and rested her forehead on his. Nobody knew how much she loved him, not even Tyler.

The school bell rang loudly in their ears, indicating the start of the school day. Darcy groaned, knowing she had to part away from Tyler.

He kissed her lightly before taking her hand in his and walking into the school building.

Darcy's first lesson was art, which she wasn't too bored about. She liked art. She was creative. She loves expressing herself with a few colours and plain paper.

Darcy walked into the room. As she did she was greeted by 'good mornings' and 'heys'.

She sat in her usual seat and instantly got to work on a Rapunzel drawing for her project.

Before long, a girl came strutting into the room. Someone Darcy had never seen before. Her perfect blonde hair fell down to her hips. Her make up looked like it took hours to perfect.

'Ahh, you must be the new girl!' The teacher gleamed. 'Where can we sit you?' Mr. Macreth examined the room before laying his eyes on the empty seat next to Darcy. 'Ah, over there next to Darcy. That'll do you for now.'

Darcy didn't know that the decision her teacher just made would change her life completely.

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