Elementary Games

The entire elementary school is put to the test when their evil math teacher becomes Principal. She comes up with the idea The Elementary Games ("Took me forever to think of that name," she says. "Original, don't ya think?) Four kids from each fifth grade class fight to the death in the playground! Ok...maybe not that brutal. The evil math teacher doesn't like prison. But they are given paintball guns to fight with. All caught on a camera, so no cheaters!


3. Chapter Three

     "Hello, students," she says, her mole and freckled face spreading into a wide smile. We are all sitting at the tables, awaiting her words of doom. "So, if you read the brilliantly edited school website, you know why I gathered you today." She is noting to us using her mind powers: "CHECK THE WEBSITE DAILY!!" She continues. "Well, I am just explaining the rules of the amazing Elementary Games. Tomorrow I will pick four children from my class and Mrs. Vandergluff's class. Two will be girls and two will be boys. You will be thrown out into the playground and forced to fight with paintball guns. This will go on for however long it takes for there to be one of you. You will, of course, go home when the school hours have finished. But the great part  for the people that don't get picked is they get to skip school unless they want to watch the televised event on the Promethean boards in their classroom with FREE popcorn!"

The cafeteria explodes into applause. 

"The reaping will be tomorrow. Toodle-oo!" And the classes are dismissed.

Unlike the primary grades, the fifth grade isn't too happy about this.

I look at Amber with a worried glance, and she repays me with hers.

This is not going to turn out good, we can feel it. 

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