Elementary Games

The entire elementary school is put to the test when their evil math teacher becomes Principal. She comes up with the idea The Elementary Games ("Took me forever to think of that name," she says. "Original, don't ya think?) Four kids from each fifth grade class fight to the death in the playground! Ok...maybe not that brutal. The evil math teacher doesn't like prison. But they are given paintball guns to fight with. All caught on a camera, so no cheaters!


1. Chapter One

     "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" I smacked my alarm clock, mumbling for it to shut the heck up. "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" 

"Now don't you backtalk!" I scold the clock. I pick it up, turn it on snooze, then go back to sleep.

"Jade, get up!" My mother's voice rings throughout the house. I groan and roll over... right off the side of the bed. Mumbling some negative things under my breath, I throw on some clothes. Suddenly my Kindle Fire makes a beeping noise. I check the notification: an email from my friend Amber. It says:

CHECK THE SCHOOL WEBSITE RIGHT NOW!! linktoschoolwebsitethatdoesntexist.com/hsibxje

Confused, I open up the link. I gasp when I finish reading the front page.

New Principal

Mrs. Sheep has been replaced by your favorite fifth grade math teacher, Mrs. Duggy. She is 

also the new chief editor of the school website. Isn't she so AWESOME? You should tell her that.

Other News

Oh, and she's also starting this thing called the Elementary Games where she picks four kids from each class in the fifth grade to go out into the playground (which will be protected by a giant forcefeild dome thingy) and pelt each other with paintball guns. Cool right? And she thought up the name herself. Isn't it original? The Reaping (another brilliant name from her brilliant mind) will be Tuesday. Monday she will explain it in a meeting in the cafeteria.

"WHAT?!?!" I spit out my Fruity Pebbles. "How is this legal?"

"I don't know," says my mom, who apparently leaned over my shoulder while I was reading (creepo). "Oh well. You won't be picked, and if you are, you're pretty good with a gun."

"With a BB, mom," I say. "Isn't a paintball gun aiming at children different than a BB aiming at a can?" 

"I don't think so...."

"Let's just go to school, mom." 

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