Pokemon Tales: Encounter With A Legend

A pokemon story following the life of a 15 year old boy called Will Scarlet and his best friend Rufus Wells who are top students at a pokemon academy and while an important tournament at the school is being held, they have an encounter with a surprising adversary.


1. Bad News

~~Pokemon Tales: Chapter One
Bad News
Will Scarlet was absolutely exhausted that morning after he decided it was a brilliant idea to not rest until he had beat his previous high score on Die Rise only to realise that he had to revise for that history of Pokémon test he had on legendary Pokémon and was up until 5:30 am looking at the different recorded sightings of Articuno in the 50 years. One of his Pokémon, growlithe, rapidly crushed his alarm clock with a fire fang attack, “not again!” Will shouted with an annoyed yet slightly amused look on his face. “How many times do I have to tell, you if I want to turn off the alarm I can just press the snooze button!” He got dressed and charged downstairs to get some breakfast.
“Will, I thought you’d already gone to school, you’re meant to be there in 10 minutes!” said his mum for perhaps the 500th time.
“Please can I borrow charizard, I will send him right back otherwise I will be really late” he pleaded with toast crumbs coming out of his mouth.
“Oh alright, but this is the last time I swear!” said his mum, again, for about the 500th time.
“Thanks so much” and with that he jumped on charizard’s back and flew off towards school muttering to himself about the whereabouts of the three “regi” Pokémon.
Meanwhile on the outskirts of town on the “Wells Ranch”, Rufus, Will’s best friend, was going through the exact same thing. He too had been up until the early hours of the morning with Will desperately beating back the endless hordes of the un-dead when they decided to call it a night and start revising for the dreaded history test. “OWWW! Ok, I’m awake, I awake!” he shrieked as his jolteon decided there was no other way of waking him up than shocking him with a sharp electric bolt. “Why did Will have to take his pidgeot up to university with him, then I could have flown to school with no fuss…” Rufus’s big brother also confusingly called Will went off to study Pokémon history at university. “Mum! I’m taking rapidash to school! Otherwise I’m gonna be late!”
“Ok, but keep him safe at school” said his mum.
When they arrived at school they rushed to assembly all the while trying to make themselves look presentable and just managed to scrape in at the back without anyone noticing. The headmaster was droning on about this that and the other like he did every morning but then… “Now, boys and girls listen up because this is very important! You may not have heard this but, recently there having been increasing numbers of disappearances among young trainers like yourselves. If any of you see anything “out of the ordinary” you must either ignore it or better yet call a figure of authority to help you.” He looked deadly serious at this point, much more serious than Will had ever seen him before. Mr Halls had always been a stickler for rules so why would he do anything that the ministry wouldn’t approve of? He realised something must have gone wrong.
“Will all prefects come to the front of the assembly hall before leaving please” said Mrs Hunnaball who was the deputy head teacher and was the head of discipline. “Well, that’s us” said Rufus sniggering, “I still can’t believe that we made prefects”. Although that both Will and Rufus had a certain tendency to bend the rules and were reasonably “relaxed” when it came to doing homework, when it came down to it they were both very good trainers and were renowned as one of the best battling tag teams that the school had ever seen. “Now” she said sternly, “you heard what the headmaster said, and that means that you will have to be on top of your game, keep to your duties yes, but also keep up the moral of the students, keep an eye on the students, be ready for anything, remember the school motto smiles go for miles but don’t shirk work.”
“Very moving miss.” said Rufus in a sarcastic tone that Will had heard so often.
“It is no joke Rufus, and you would be wise to remember it! It is your duty as a prefect to look after the well-being of the school”
“Sorry miss…”
“You are forgiven. Now, I have some beginning of term duties for you to attend to which does mean you will have to miss periods 1 and most likely 2, I’m sorry about that.” Will and Rufus’s eyes met and they both smiled, this meant that they would be missing the history of Pokémon test.
The rest of the day was an absolute breeze, and after lunch something happened that made them both very excited. After lunch, Will and Rufus’s favourite teacher professor Young made a very interesting announcement.  “In honour of the school’s 150th birthday this coming week, we have decided to hold a battle tournament in which anyone in school can compete but there is limited placing so sign up ASAP. It is a singles tournament where each battle will be a 3 on 3 Pokémon battle the first trainer to have all of their Pokémon knocked out will be defeated. However, I am warning you now, both the headmaster and I will be entering the tournament, and we are not going to go easy on you so train hard! The tournament begins next Tuesday. Thank you. Oh I forgot! The prize for the tournament is anything from this list here. Enjoy and good luck to all.”
“No hard feelings mate, but I’m gonna have to kick your ass” said Will casually.
“Bring it!” Rufus retaliated.
“But you have to promise to use your own Pokémon this time, you can’t use your ranch’s prize emboar to bulldoze through my team like last time”
“Alright then, you’re on! By the way, did you want one of the items on this list?”
“Yup, the fire stone” Will’s eyes gleamed. He had wanted a fire stone for 2 years now to finally evolve his growlithe into his favourite Pokémon, arcainine.

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