She Looks So Perfect Standing There

Taylor and her group of friends go to a 5SOS concert in Sydney. But what happens when Calum spots her in he crowd... Again


1. She Looks So Perfect Standing There

Taylor's P.O.V

"Are we ready?" Eloise asked looking at me.

"As ready as I'll ever be" I beamed at her. Taking one last look in the mirror to check that my hair had kept some what straight and my makeup wasn't smudged before walking out the door.

Tonight we were going to see 5 Second Of Summer in concert followed by a meet and greet. Eloise had managed to get us the tickets somehow with the meet and greet.

"So remember we meet them after the concert which means go crazy and fangirl all grouch the show so when you meet Calum he won' t think your completely crazy." Eloise laughed

"Oh don't worry I plan to. But with this Birthday badge I also have an excuse to go crazy." I said pointing at the huge pink thing on my shirt.

Eloise and I were the first allowed in because we has meet and greet tickets. Knowing how the boys would be set up from previous concerts I stood in front of where Calum would be for most the time. The crowd grew more and more and swallowed us into the mass.

The lights turned off and everyone screamed. I turned to Eloise and screamed with excitement. I saw Ashton run on and sit on his drum still and pick up the sticks. The music started and Try Hard came on. Michael, Luke and Calum all came running on playing their guitars as they reached the stands. I smiled as I noticed Calum was at the mic stand I thought and he would be at. Eloise and I started singing to each other as the Lukes voice echoed through the place. "She's dropping out of school, cause she don't need the grades. The colours in her hair don' t seem to fade..." The song continued with Eloise and I still singing to each other. I turned at look at the stage for Calum's verse to notice that he was singing right me.

The concert continued for another hour and every single moment was amazing. I kept noticing Calum singing to me but I wasn't going to think to much into it. I guess I'll find out at the meet and greet.

"Sorry to say guys but this is our last song!" Luke spoke into the microphone.

"It's called She Looks So Perfect." Calum spoke giving me a wink. I didn't have enough time to think about it because the song blasted through the speakers. I sang along and jumped around but Calum was always in my sight. Surprisingly I caught Calum looking and singing to me a number or times, and I never wanted it to end.

"Are you ready?" Eloise asked as we stood outside the door that lead to the room for our meet and greet.

"I'm so nervous!" I replied back.

"If Calum was looking at me like that the whole night I wouldn't be." Eloise winked at me before pulling me through the door.

"Your so horrible Eloise that isn't funny." I whined as I stumbled through the door. Laughter filled my ears cause me to go bright red.

"Eloise is such a bad friend for making you come to a meet and greet." Ashton said laughing

"Yes how dare I give Taylor the best birthday present ever." Eloise said laughing. Ashton has always been Eloise's favourite so I knew she was going to jump at the opportunity to make him laugh.

"That's not what I meant" I whinged back, causing all four of them to laugh.

"Oh Calum is going to be here soon he had to go do something." Luke smiled at me.

The five of us say down and just talked, until we heated a conversation coming from the other side of the door.

"Tom you don't understand I need to find her." I heard Calum's voice complain

"Just go to this meet and great Calum I'm sure you won't be disappointed." The other guy, Tom replied. I sighed slumping into my chair earning a sympathetic smile from the other boys.

"Don't worry Taylor he's just been snippy lately." Michael spoke giving me a smile.

"Hey it's fine I got to finally meet you guys." I smiled back

"Yeah and we are gonna keep in touch definately." Ashton said with a grin.

"Hey guys" Calum huffed as he walked into the room

"Sorry in late gi..." Calum froze as soon as he saw me. The boys all looked confused but Eloise had a huge smile on her face.

"It's you." Called practically whispered.

"Mate are you okay?" Luke asked.

"It's her it's the girl I've been searching for. She's the reason I'm late but she's been here all along." Calum practically yelled.

"My names Taylor not girl" I giggled. Calum didn't reply just engulfed me in a hug.

"I remember you from the first concert at the metro you were practically in the same spot. And you were at one direction concert. I've been looking for you Taylor." Calum's lip grazed my ear with every word he whispered to me.

"Happy birthday beautiful."

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