Will you be my valentine?

It was those 5 little words that made me feel special!! " will you be my valentine?" Niall said to me.


1. Chapter 1:

Layla's POV:

I was walking toward my new school, Elkwood high ( by the way made up I don't know if it is a real school ). I entered the halls and I suddenly went unsure of my outfit because all the boys started whistling and calling me " hey new girl come over here " and stuff. I was wearing short shorts and a tank top with a my jacket over it. I was wearing some van also and my hair was down with a headband. My hair is up to my bum. And the hair color is dirty blonde. Suddenly a group of five boys each of them with a girl guessing there girlfriends. " oh look a new girl is at our school " one girl said to the guy with the curly hair said. I shrugged it off. " hey my names Harry " the curly one said. " this is my girlfriend Kendall " he said. She waved but I knew she didn't like me much. I gave her a fake smile and turned around. " " and that is zayn and his girlfriend perrie " Harry said. " perrie came up to me and said hey and I hope we can be best grid s and you're really pretty. I knew she liked me better than Kendall did. Zayn just said hey. " that is Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor " Harry said again. Eleanor came up to me and said " " hi come sit with us at lunch ". I just nodded. " hey I'm Louis " Louis said. " that is Liam and his girlfriend Danielle " Harry said. " yeah I'm Danielle and yeah come sit with us " she said smiling. " hey girl " Liam said laughing. " hey " I said awkwardly. " and last but not least this is Niall and his girlfriend Sophie " Harry said. " hey " Sophie said. " we should be besties soon " she said. Dang she is nice I thought. " hey I'm Niall nice to meet you " Niall said giving me his hand for me to shake. I shook his head and I swear I felt butterflies. He winked at me and turned around. " as you can see where the popular kids " Liam said. " there are more popular kids but we are the bomb the most of this school were trouble makers and more " Lima kept on going. I just shook my head. " if you want to hang out with is also you have to try out for cheerleading " perrie said. " are you flexible have you been to gymnastics?" El said. ( el for short). " umm actually I'm pretty flexible " I said. " ok try out tommorow after school well take you " Danny said. ( Danny for short also). " we're in a band called one direction also were pretty famous kinda " Liam said. " oh nice." I said also. " we'll see ya " I said. I was walking we towards the office when I feel a warm hot hand on my shoulder and I knew who it was. " we'll take you " Niall said letting go of my shoulder. I nodded and followed them. I might or not like this I thought.


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