Fifty Shades Of Valentines

Christian Grey's first Valentines. Alone and frustrated at Harvard University on the most romantic night of the year, Christian is disturbed by a knock on his door...



My head begins to throb and my mouth waters at the prospect. I'm beginning to feel like one of Pavlov's fucking dogs - my body responding immediately to any items of sexual promise.

"Do you have some wine here?"

"There are a couple of bottles of Sancerre in the fridge."

"Excellent." She smiles. "Now take your jeans and boxers off and go lie on the bed. Face up."

I'm swift to obey, scrambling across the floor and taking my sneakers and socks off en-route. I pull my jeans and boxers off in one move and dive on the bed, eagerly turning my face to watch her.

She smiles sexily. "Normally I'd ask you to lower your head, but seeing as it's Valentine's night, I want you to watch everything."

She opens her designer handbag and takes a CD out of it. She saunters to my HIFI, places the CD on the tray and I wait for a classical piece to start. To my amazement, a sultry song begins to play and Madonna's breathy vocals begin to sing. It's a song I remember vaguely from childhood and it just drips with sexual intent. Coming up to me, she grasps my face and kisses me, but before I can fully respond, she moves swiftly.

"Put your arms above your head and cross them at your wrists," she breathes against my lips.

I do as she asks and she snaps the handcuffs into place, threading them through the metal rails of my headboard. She rattles them to check they're secure.

Oh yeah, I'm not going anywhere. Even if I wasn't cuffed to my bed...

She smirks naughtily at me. "Now you're all tied up, it's time I got a bit more comfortable."

She's wearing a black dress that wraps around her, showing off her lush curves and it ties at her left hip. Pulling on the tie, her dress falls undone and she shimmies out of it as my mouth drops open.

Holy shit!

She is wearing a harlot-red sheer chiffon and lace negligee with matching panties and hold-ups. She is now standing so tantalising close to me, I can smell her musky arousal. I can see her full round breasts with her rose pink nipples pushing against the delicate fabric, straining to be touched. I automatically move towards them, but only end up pulling on my restraints.

"Ahh! Christ look...breath-taking." I pant as desire begins to sweep through me.

She bends and kisses me softly on the lips. "Hungry?" She whispers.

"For you, always." I whisper back.

She beams and kisses me softly again. "Then I think it's time I fed you."

She moves off to the kitchen and grabs an open bottle of Sancerre from the fridge and a wine glass from the cabinet. Walking back across the room, she places it on my nightstand next to the spray cream and strawberries. She then drops a handful of strawberries into the deep glass goblet and fills it with the wine, kicks off her stilettos and heads over to the bottom edge of the bed.

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