The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


37. Times Square

Harry and I walked in the gift shop. He looked at key chains and jackets and shirts. I looked at all the pens and keychains to. I saw Harry paying for stuff and I wondered what it was but I wasn't gonna to ask cause it might be a suprise. I went to look at jackets to and I picked out a jacket for Harry. I paid for it and then he told me that he bought me a jacket to and keychains and a shirt.

He gave me the jacket and it was my favorite color pink. He put it on me I was really cold and it was kinda chilly in New York. He also gave me my keychains and I told him thank you and I gave him his jacket and he loved it and he told me that he knew that I have always wanted a jacket from here and that's why he got it for me.

I love Harry so much and I think that he is the best husband in the world. He is nice and kind and very understanding. He said we were going to go somewhere and eat because we were both hungry, so we went to this Mexican restaurant and Harry and I both ordered tacos and chips and dip. We sat down and ate it when we were done we walked around Times Square and we talked and I told Harry how happy he makes me and that I love being with him. He told me that he loves being with me to and that even through the sunshine and the rain. He told me that he really loved his tacos and how good they were and I told him that tacos is my favorite food and I could eat that any day.

We still walked around Times Square and we just cuddled up and Harry was on just starring at me. I said babe why are you just starring at me like that and he said I'm just looking At how beautiful you are I said Awww thank you and he said well it's true you are the most beautiful girl In the world. Then he started singing parts of what makes you beautiful to me.

Yours insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door don't need make to cover up being the way that you are is enough everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you baby you light up my world like nobody else.

I said Awww Harry you just made my day and that is my next favorite song and it always will be and thanks for singing it to me. He said your welcome and it makes you feel beautiful because baby you are and I said Awww Harry your making me blush and then he kissed me in the moonlight and he wrapped his arms around me and he did it in the middle of Times Square . He said did you enjoy the kiss and I said I sure did and it was the best kiss ever. I told Harry that I love his kisses and that they always made me feel special and that I will always be with him no matter what.

He said are you sure about that because I know what you are saying but couples don't stay together forever even if they do get married . I said Harry you just have to have faith and believe in us and believe that we can make this work. He said you know your right I have to believe in us and I know that we can make this work and if we ever have issues we need to be mature and work them out and not pack any bags and go stay with our parents. That is not what a husband and a wife are suppose to do then we would both look like some dumb idiots.

I said Harry you are so smart and you can do anything if you set your mind to it. He said thank you and I know and I hope that you will believe in me and I said you know I always will and I will always be by your side whenever you need me. He said good because I will Always need you and I don't want you to ever think that I don't.

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