The Best year

It's about Harry styles and Alexis finding how about much they really love Eachother and to do what it takes to find and be with your one and only true love.


22. Part 2 family day

Alexis can you answer my phone Harry yells. Sure babe where is it.

Harry: it's in the bedroom I said ok i answered Harry's phone and Liam was calling he wanted to know what time he needed to be at Anne's house for lunch. I told Harry Liam is on the phone and he wants to know what time to be at Anne's house. Harry said tell Liam he can come around 2 I said ok Liam Harry said that you come at 2. Liam so ok thanks Alexis and bye.

Harry had just got out of the shower and he put on a nice outfit . I put on a nice long sundress and sandals. Harry said you look beautiful in that dress. Well thank you Harry . He said your welcome Princess and he kissed and gave me a hug. He told me how much he loved me like he does everyday. Harry i am going to curl my hair really nice and pretty and I am going to put on some lipgloss and perfume. Harry said I can't wait to smell that perfume scent on you it will make me very happy.

Harry said babe are you ready to go yet she said yes Harry I am coming. I walked in the living like a beautiful model and Harry said wow you like Gorgeous and you really know how to dress to impress. I said Aww Aww Harry your so sweet and that's what makes me realize why I love you so much.

I locked the door and she went outside and got in the drivers seat. She said Harry I will drive to your moms house and I remember how to get their. Harry said it's your decision princess. She said Harry I love it when you call me princess I am your princess and I know that I always will be. Harry said does that mean that I am still your Prince Charming. I said you bet it does you are my one and only Prince Charming. Harry said are you excited about planning our wedding and I said yes I am really excited and you are very lucky because you will finally get to marry your princess and you can be with her forever.

Alexis and Harry made it to Anne's house. Anne came outside then other truck pulled up right behind Harry's and it was Liam and Aleiya. Anne finally got to meet Harry's best friend Liam and his girlfriend Aleiya. They all went inside and Liam introduced himself to Harry's mom and Aleiya introduced herself. I helped Harry and anne fix the food.

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