Love at First Sight

Abby and her bff, Maddy, meet the 1D boys! Abby is speechless when Harry asks her out.


1. Shopping

"How about this one?",I asked as I held up a purple dress with sequins. "I would go with something like this." she replied, holding up an orange, long dress, with silver jewls. "I love it!" I shreicked as  she threw the dress into the cart. I was so exited that me and my bff got to go to prom. We werent asked out yet but we were still going. It was accually more of a party than a prom. Next we had to find maddy a dress. We found one that looked exactly like mine, only it was purple and not orange like mine. We ran to the checkout as soon as we heard it was about to close. Once we were paying I found out that i was a dollar short. Oh thats just great. Then the people behind us gave the man a dollar bill. I turned around to say thank you but i was speachless when I saw that the biggest boy band ever was the ones who helped.


Sorry it was a short chapter but i will update asap.

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