Survive in the dark

Aisena dont remember anything. She dosn't even know who she is herself. She goes through a lot of pain and only maybe she can survive, and who is that mysterious guy?


1. Shadow in the fire

I opened my eyes. It was hot. "Aisena!" I turned my head towards the sound. Aisena? That sounded familiar. Why? Something fell down near me. It was a pillar of tree. The tree was on fire. Thats why it was so hot. "Aisena!" That sound again. "Aisena run!" The voice told me to run. I got up and began to walk. My leg hurt. I run as much as i could. When i got out of the building I fell. In the fire I saw a shadow. "Aisena get away from here!" The shadow shouthed out to me. I reached out my hand to help. I was crying for some reason. The shadow came closer. A hand reached me. Then the world became black.

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