Modern Day Princess


1. Waking Up

Lynn's POV

"Princess Lynn, the Queen would like to see you." The maid said as she walked into my room waking me. I groaned and stretched. "I'll be down in a minuet." Yevet, the maid, nodded and walked out of the room. Maybe your wondering who i am. Well im princess Lynn. I have just turned 13 and i hate hate HATE being a princess. I thought being one would be perfect. But when my dad married a horribly abusive woman that demanded my father to be king, im stuck with being the youngest of four. My oldest sister, Halo is my closest sister seeing how she's my only blood sister. She has amazing bouncy blonde curls and blue green eyes. My step sister's named Mary and she has long long LONG dark brown hair and is in love with art. She's the one that i go to for drawing lessons. The one right above me in age is named Mikalya. And man can she get a boyfriend instantly. She will see a boy she likes and bat her eye lashes and they'll be head over heels for her. And me? Well i have wavy red hair and my left eye if emerald green and my right is sapphire blue. Anyway i walked down the hall to when my horrid step mother, her two daughters and my sister are waiting. They're all dressed in their gowns, their hair is done beautifully, and they have SOOOO much makeup, i can barely tell who they are. While im still in my Pjs. "Lynn Crystal Osiris! What on earth are you wearing?!?" The Queen screamed in her fake british accent. Me and my sister have real British accents, my step relatives DONT. "Well excuse ME if i just got out of bed!!" I semi-yelled at her. "You-you!! You know its the ROYAL BALL IN A WEEK!!" I furrowed my eyebrows "yea, but what does that have to do about you bitching about today?" The queen and my step sisters gasped and Halo tried to hold back a giggle. "YOUNG LADY WE MUST MAKE THE PREPARATIONS AND GIVE INVITATIONS TODAY!!" Her face was red with rage. "Again, why should I dress up like its my wedding day?" The Queen walked up to me and got in my face "listen here you little shit i ca-" she stopped mid sentence and looked behind me. I turned around and their stood my dad "daddy!" Me and Halo ran to him. He had been gone for 3 months! He was off going around making peace treaties with the neighboring kingdoms for the past 3 months. "My girls!" He laughed and hugged us. The Queen stood up and her face was redder than her lipstick. "K-king i tho-" the king silenced her by holding his hand up. "We'll talk later, but Im here with a few guests." He smirked and stepped to the side and four common day boys. "Girls, these are the King of Persia's sons. They are here to learn how to be royalty like my youngest daughter, Lynn is learning." He smirked at me and i giggled. Mikalya was drooling over the boys. Mary was trying to act cool but she was fangirling as well. Halo and I could always act casual around cute boys. "Well girls let me introduce you to who your date will be to the Royal Ball next week." My father said. Halo and i looked at each other and squeezed each other's hand. "My Eldest, Halo Maddison Osiris, you will be working with, a fellow 19 year old, Seth Harrison Smith." With that a boy with shaggy dark brown hair and brown eyes stepped forwards. Halo's cheeks turned crimson. She really liked how he looked apparently. "My oldest step daughter, Mary Lee Rose will be working with a boy one year older than you. He is 18 and his name is Edward Tyler Smith." A boy with a normal boy style with brown hair and brown eyes came forward. He was wearing a leather jacket which i knew Mary LOVED guys with leather jackets. I sniffed the air as he walked to Mary and yup, he was wearing cologne. Mary is going to get married in a few day now. "My youngest step daughter, Mikayla Jade Rose will be working with a 15 year old named Joshua William Smith." A taller looking lad started walking to Mikayla. He has brown flippy hair (as i like to call it) and gorgeous green brown eyes. Looks like Mary and Mikayla will have a double wedding. "And finally my youngest daughter, Lynn Crystal Osiris." I stepped forward. I felt a little awkward. All my sisters were dressed for this but i just woke up and my hair in a messy bun, and in a sports jersey and shorts as my PJs. "You will be working with the adopted son at the age of 14. His name is Kaden Taylor Smith." Then a boy with the PRETTIEST brown flippy hair walked to me. He looked up and he had amazingly gorgeous blue eyes and he was barely taller than me. "ladies, you are on your own to prove yourselfs as Princesses. Princesses must have the stern voice of a teacher, the playful lessons of a child and the tender care of a mother. If these boys are looking and acting like Princes for the Ball, then each of you will get a very big surprise, your own kingdom."

Hey guys! If you like this then comment for a sequal!!

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