Through X

Kaylee and her best friend June have formed a duo singing group called Diamonds Shining and are competing on The X Factor. A certain band formed on the show, called One Direction, sees the girls perform and become good friends with them. Kaylee is dealing with depression from being away from home, and June is trying to keep a stalker out of her way. Can the boys help them and their friendship bond become stronger(and maybe even turn into something else? ;) )? Or will they just be another burden for Diamonds Shining to deal with?
*this isn't in 2010 when the boys were actually in The X Factor, I want this to be around when the boys in real life produced Little Things as a music video. Sorry for any confusion*



June's POV

"JUUUUNE!" I heard Kaylee wail from outside my bedroom door.

"What the hell is it?" I groaned.

"I need love advice." Ugh. The thing was, we both knew zero about loving people.

"You do realize we know next to none about love, Kaylee."

"Oh yeah." Kaylee looked down at her feet. "You wanna Minecraft?" She finally said.

"Alright. I'll go get set up."




"Why haven't we made a YouTube yet?" That was a good question.

"I...I don't know. Should we make one?"

"Nah. No one'll watch us anyway. The only thing I use YouTube for is Katy Perry VEVO videos." A long silence followed, only broken by the sounds of zombies, blocks breaking, and creeper explosions. "Welp, I'm getting off, June."

"Okay. Bye."

"By-hey!" I looked to whatever was interrupting Kaylee.

'LouIsACarrot joined the game' Louis. Of course.

"LOUIS!" We both yelled. I heard the messy-haired boy laughing from the room across from me.

I think we were gonna get along with these people.



Yeah, short chapter. I know, I suck. Writer's Block is getting to me. Stupid Writer's Block.

~Avery 💋

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