I Couldn’t "Bear" It If You Are Not My Valentine

Raine. Niall. Love. Raine and Niall have been together for a year now, and as valentine day approaches, problems occur. Raine getting hate mail and feeling she is not good enough, while Niall has his own hate to face. Will these too survive the ordeals, and can love bring a miracle.


1. I Couldn't "Bear" It If You Are Not My Valentine


I felt the warmth of the light seeping through the windows, and dancing upon my face. I fingered the golden locket around my neck, which Niall had given me .My eyes were glued onto the laptop screen, as my eyes were gazing at my email screen. One, after another. Hate mail. People telling me how ugly I was, and how I did not deserve Niall. Like they did not know I already knew that. Even know I expect Niall just to leave me. Every second with Niall, felt special to me. It was a treasure to me, and I wondered what I had done to deserve him. Be brave. Be strong. For Niall. This is what kept me going on, even after a mass of hate mail. I wiped the tears that had brimmed in my eyes. I deleted all the hate mail, with a click, then logged off my email.

“Raine.” A beautiful intoxicating voice exclaimed.

That beautiful voice could only belong to one person. I turned around to see. Niall.  His beautiful sea blue eyes, that I felt that I could swim in, and beautiful blonde hair, that droplets of rain, hanged on. He wore jeans, and a red jumper with the words “Food is my Home”.

“Niall. How was your day?” I asked Niall.

“It was ok I guess.” Niall mumbles nervously, looking down at his shoes.

I knew Niall was lying, I could see that he was upset, and was trying to keep his feelings a secret.

“Niall, you don’t have to lie to me Niall. You can lie to anyone, but me.” I tell Niall.

Tears trickle down Niall perfect face. Niall grabs me tightly, and hugs me tightly, like he is afraid I am going to disappear.

“Raine, I’m afraid. That you’re going to just leave me just like everybody else. I don’t know if I could cope if you left me. I’ve been getting hate mail and most of them by people telling me how much of a jerk and a waste of space that I am, or telling me to die. Sometimes I wonder Raine, that if I died, would everybody else be happy.” Niall sobbed to me.

I looked at Niall face, and wiped the tears on his face. Niall, I didn’t know that he had all these feelings inside of him.

“You should never think that Niall. I won’t leave you Niall. Sometimes I think you would leave me. Hate mail is something that you shouldn’t think about. They are just cruel tormented people, who find it fun by breaking you. Don’t let them get to you Niall. Don’t let anyone get to you.” I tell Niall.

I knew how much hate mail, could hurt you. I knew how much it could break you, just like it was breaking Niall. But I wouldn’t let it break Niall. I won’t let it break Niall. Not now, not ever.

“I love you Raine, so much.” Niall tells me.

I wanted to tell Niall, that I loved him so much, but I was waiting for the right moment to tell him. I just nodded my head.

“Let’s go outside into the beautiful weather princess.” Niall told me.

I held Niall’s hand, and we stepped outside into the radiating sun blazing brightly at us. The winds blew ferociously, and the twisted trees danced gently. We walked outside, and walked towards the park. Suddenly we saw someone coming towards us.

“Niall, he’s coming.” I whispered into Niall ear.

Niall looked ahead, not even stopping.

“Let him come then.” Niall told me.

“Niall, what if he hurt you?” I asked Niall quietly, panic filling my heart.

“Remember what you said; don’t let anyone get to you. I can’t let him get to me.” Niall told me confidently.

Ryan, my ex boyfriend was approaching us quickly. His cruel face, formed a sinister smile as he looked at me, and then at Ryan. He had brown hair and a bounce in his step. He always wore a bright blue cap, and a pair of slim jeans, and a blue shirt tucked neatly in, and he had visibly black braces, and square glasses that sat idly on his head. But, don’t let his appearance fool you. Ryan may look like a sweet kind guy, but don’t let his looks fool you. Ryan was as evil, as he looked nice. He hated Niall, for apparently breaking us apart. But, even though I told Ryan, that even without having Niall, I was going to break us with him. But, he would not listen. Niall was the perfect victim for Ryan, and I loathed him with evil, as he picked on Niall, and pummeled him up. Ryan shoved Niall, onto a tree, and I watched the innocent bystanders, look at what was going, and began forming a circle. My stomach churned, and I wanted someone to help Niall. I screamed, and shouted for someone to protect my Niall. I told Niall I would protect him, and now I can’t keep the promise becoming rue.


 They just stood there still like a snail, there eyes glued upon what they would expect a fight. I screamed, but before I knew it. Ryan was beating Niall mercilessly, blood trickling down Niall’s face. I screamed, wanting someone to do something. No. Don’t hurt Niall.

“Ryan. No!” I screamed in fear, trying to break Ryan away from Niall.

I watched sweat trickle down Ryan’s face, as he smiled as he punched at Niall. No! I shoved myself in front of Niall, protecting him with my body. I looked at Niall, wiping the blood. But then, suddenly Ryan grabbed me with anger, and held me tightly by my neck.

“No, don’t hurt her. Hurt me instead.” Niall mumbled, watching me.

“If I hurt her, I hurt you more.” Ryan laughed, glaring at Niall, and then shoved my head, onto a tree. Pain. Agony. Fear. I watched the blood trickle down my face, and then felt as Ryan shoved my head again into the tree. I heard Niall scream my name, and then the world went black.


“I’ll die Raine, without you. Wake up Raine, without you I can’t live.” A familiar voice said. Suddenly I heard a gunshot. I feel like a cold smothering blanket lies on top of me, trying to entrap me. Niall.


I screamed in terror, and I open my eyes. Panic and fear filling me, as I worry about where I am. It was quietly, deathly quiet, and I did not like it.

“Niall!” I cry out, waiting for him.

Niall runs in, tears remain on his face. Niall smiles with shock, and that was when I notice the bags under his eyes, and that he’s wearing the same jumper as when Ryan hit Niall.

“Niall, are you okay?” I question in, looking at him to see any marks on him.

“I’m fine, only a bruise or too. It was you I have been worrying about. I could not even sleep, or eat or anything. All I could think of is what would have happened, if something had happened to you, and what I would have done.” Niall told me.

I grabbed hold of Niall hand.

“I’m fine now Niall. So what day is it today?” I ask Niall.

“I can’t believe you woke up today. Today is Valentines Day princess, and I have something for you.” Niall told me, taking something from his back.

I smiled, and wondered what had Niall got me. I looked to see a teddy bear with a heart on it, with the words “My Princess” on it. Niall gave it to me, I took it from Niall, and hugged it. It felt soft and comfortable, just like Niall.

“Thank you Niall, I love it.” I exclaimed in joy.

“I couldn’t bear it if you were not my valentine princess, just say yes princess.” Niall told me.

“Yes. I love you too Niall.” I told Niall, getting up and hugging him tightly.

“Be careful, you’re not supposed to stand up yet.” Niall told me.

“I love you Niall.” I told Niall, kissing him.

Niall looked at me, and held my face. He tucked a strand of my red hair behind my ear, and looked lovingly into my eyes.

“You’re beautiful Raine. I have waited for so long for you to tell me you love me. I love you princess.” Niall whispers lovingly into my ear.

“I love you more Nialler bear.” I tell Niall, hugging him tightly.

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