Bite Me <3

About four directioners. And they have a secret. Their vampires. They go to a One Direction concert and find out a huge secret that they try so hard to keep. Read more to find out.


3. Sweet-fang


Sweet-fang (Violet)


We all just looked at each others. Unsure what to do; in my vampire life we have meant other ones of our kind but never one who are worldly famous. What is going to happen? The only main rule of our kind is to keep us a secret. If other vampires found out they may can and kill them.

“Are you trying to get yourselves killed?” Isabella said.

“Well, we…” Harry started to say.

“Yes, vampires can die and if other vampires find out about you, they will kill you.” Riley said.

The guys looked surprised and a bit token aback as well. My eyes glaze over each guy until landing on Louis.

“You guys, we shouldn’t be here.” I said. I was a bit scared.

“But we can’t just leave them. They need help.” Said Tia,

I knew she was right, but being the youngest of then I was still afraid of the idea of being in a fight with a two- thousand plus year old vampire.

“She’s right.” Isabella said.

We nodded our heads knowing we had to help them. Or the world may find out about vampires.

Tia took charge. “Isabella, make sure no one has seen or is watching.” She took off.

“Riley, make sure every camera is off if not deleted the files.”

“You got it.” And with a flash she was all the way at the back of the crowed.

“Vi…” I was still unsure. I didn’t want to loss my girls, they’re my family; but I would do anything they asked.

“You can help them clean up; they can’t have any blood on them when their fans wake up.” Tia Said.  

I jumped softly onto the stage, landing with a grace of a butterfly.

“Come on.” I said leading the guys back stage.

As soon as we got back there, the guys started to clean themselves up. I watch as they cleaned up. Looking in the mirror my eyes locked with Louis. He smiles at but I just looked away. Isabella came dashing in.

“Are they ready?”

“I think so.” I said looking at them.

Louis was the last one to walk out. When he did he looked at me and said “Hey there, sweet-fang.” Then flashing his fang in a smile; he walked off. I couldn’t help but laugh. It was cute.   

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