Is it forever?


1. String

 Do you remember the summers we had? The sun, covering every part of the town and heating it to unbearable temperatures. Run, run, find a place to hide, a cold place, where the sun won’t reach you. Like an old tree house for example.
 Remember all the fun we had? At our tree house. Where no one could see us, no one knew, we were hidden, isolated from the world. We could be just kids, play our game, until it got dark and I got scared the big bad wolf will come to eat me. Then you would say “Calm down, I will protect you from the big bad wolf, I am a strong man!” and then you would walk with me to my house. Everyday this would happen. I always believed, that for some reason you were stronger and smarter because you were one year older. But this is what kids believe, I guess. And you made it really convincing, because as a boy you always wanted to show how grown you are, and what a man you’ve become. A prince and a princess. It was cute, very cute. Remember that we used to hold hands on the way? Remember we had like a hundred weddings and I held leaves in my hands to throw, and you had made that ring out of a tree branch. I would tie my jacket as a long skirt and this would be my wedding gown. Not really special when you look at it, but when you imagine the ring is actually made of gold and the stone is a diamond, and the dress is actually not an old jacket with hole in it, but a beautiful silk gown, it’s the perfect wedding. Who wouldn’t have a hundred of these? I guess a lot of what we did looked way more exciting than it actually was, but this is what children do. And the important part is that we had fun. It was amazing! I still remember our childhood as if it was yesterday.
 But, I guess childhood ends at some point. And you can see the dress is a jacket and the ring is a piece of wood, so the wedding is no longer looks so magical. Sad in a way. But then you can discover new things. You can start dreaming about the new world. Soon you discover love. Holding hands is not just a game anymore. It “sends chills down your spine”, it makes you feel … it’s indescribable.    Remember that day when we sat at the tree house? You took your guitar and were playing me something. Serenading me. Now that I remember you were quite romantic.
“Do you like it?”
How can I not? A boy actually wrote a song about you! Even if it sounded like a cat dyeing, you would still absolutely love it. Especially when that boy is … “the one”.
“Love it.”
It was a beautiful day, a long one. So we sat there and talked, you played me the song again and then some of our favorite songs. Then I remembered how we used to play.
“Do you remember when we were young?”
“There is a lot to remember, what exactly do you mean?”
“We used to have a wedding almost every week and you made me that ring out a tree branch. It was quite cool.”
“I hope you are not suggesting I have to make a proposal, because I am not ready to do that yet. I am just seventeen and I haven’t become a famous musician yet, so you would have to wait”
What could I expect? I get all sentimental and nostalgic about the past and he makes a joke. Typical for him. Fine, than I will play the game as well.
“Are you saying we will get married when you get famous? So that means in about five years you will propose to me? Really?! I will start planning everything then.”
We both laughed. But of course when you are sixteen you can laugh at anything, you can always find a funny side.
“Fine, let’s make it a deal”
“What if I change my mind? Or if you change your mind?”
I am allowed to ask questions like that. After all, we are just teenagers, we change our mood every second.
He obviously thought about it and removed one string from his guitar. He put it round my hand and said:
“If we still carry one of these on our wrists that means we still haven’t changed out mind.”
A good deal. I loved the tree house. There was always something exciting happening.
 But, sadly enough, this was my last happy memory there. The next morning I got the letter that changed my life. I was accepted in the young dancers’ program in a school far far away. My mother … she didn’t accept it well. My father … he said a dancer is not a profession. So I was faced with a choice. Leave or stay.
 I asked you to come to the tree house to tell you the news.
“Let’s do it! Let’s move, you can be a musician and I can be a dancer. We can make our dreams come true. Together! Come with me!”
And then you said the words, which I still can’t forget.
“I can’t come”
So then I knew. I knew why and I knew what. We had been friends since five, so I knew exactly what you meant, I knew what these three words meant. So now I was faced with another choice: Leave you or stay
Now it’s four years later. Dancing is going pretty well. I am just kept busy constantly, I can never find much time to do anything. I barely have time to clean the house or do the laundry. Tiring, but then the few moments of rest are much more special. I have many new friends, in dance school it’s like everyone is a big family, we just live eat and breathe together, it’s hard not to get close. It kind of reminds me of how you and I used to be. A pack of people who know each other so well, they can read each other’s minds without having a special power. Leaving this seemed to be one of my biggest mistakes before. Leaving a friend like this. Don’t all people dream of having this magical bond with someone? And there I was, leaving it just to go to dance school.
 But now I have that bond. I have my new friends, I don’t miss anything. Like I haven’t left anything back home. Of course, I wish you were here. Not because I am still in love with you, but because no matter what, we still had the bond everyone dreams about, you would always have a special place in my heart, as a friend. And although I was furious you didn’t follow me here, I was a young girl back then, now I am grown up. So I have put all the negative feelings behind me and I want us to be friends again. To have the bond we had before, because although the people here are great, you are one of a kind, so I think this would make our group perfect. We will have everyone.
 Which is why I ask you to come to my engagement party next Wednesday and we can catch up on the past four years.
I will understand if you don’t come, I just wish you do.

Next Wednesday came. She was having the time of her life, everything was perfect. Her fiancé, her friends, everyone was there, they were all enjoying the night. It was one of the best evening in her life. Everything she dreamed of! Until the moment he walked in and on his hand she saw a guitar string.

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