Willow Mellark

Willow Mellark knows the role her parents played in the Rebellion, The Hunger Games. Her family, including her brother Rye and her newest little sister Primrose, think everything will be peaceful. They are having a good life. Heck, even Haymitch has a kid! Every thing is perfect until a certain recently dead person comes to them and shares the bad news- the Capitol isn't done yet.


1. Chapter One

P.s Yay I changed the cover! Good job, me.  Anyway, just read. Hope u like! -JadePotter


   "Deep in  the meadow..." I sing silently to myself. "Under the willow..." I smile at the lyrics. That's my name. Willow. Willow Mellark. Daughter of Katniss and Peeta. The people we read about in the history textbooks. Two time winners of the Hunger Games. Good thing that heck is over. Tomorrow is my twelfth birthday, the day the Reaping would be about 25 or 30 years ago. My mother probably isn't too happy about that. But she doesn't care, she has a daughter and she won't  be fighting to the death. Or fighting at all, hopefully.
     "A bed of grass..." my mother walks in on me singing to myself on my bed, unable to sleep. "A soft green pillow."
"Mom, I can't sleep," I say. 
"Well, why not?" She sits on my bed. Her hair is curly-she must have pulled the braid apart. Her hairs are slightly gray on the top. It's best nobody mention it. Father mentioned it and she told him to shut up about it. Rye and I exchanged worried looks then went back to doing hat ever it was we were doing but took it to our bedrooms.
"I don't know."
"Are you having nightmares?" she asks. 
"N-" She stares. "Yes."

"Who's having nightmares?" Father walks in. "What about, Willow?"
"I don't know...monsters creeping up in the darkness. Things like that."
I hear the loud cries of my two week old sister, Primrose. Mother hurries down the hall and brings her into my bedroom to continue the conservation, cradling the now silent Prim in her arms.
"How do you do that?" I ask, getting off topic. "The moment she makes eye contact with you, she calms down."
"Same with Rye and Willow when they were little..." Father stares at the silently sleeping Prim. She smiles in her sleep. 
"I don't know," says Mom. 
"Time to sleep." Father pulls the covers over my head and I giggle, pulling them down. "Lay down you head..." Mom is singing, but not looking at me. She stares at Prim, smiling. "And close your eyes. And when they open, the sun will rise.
     "Here is the place where dreams are true...Here is the place where I love you."
Mom kisses me on the forehead and sways out of the room, still staring at Prim.
"Good night, Willow," Father leans and kisses me in the same place. When he leaves the room, I wipe my forehead. I am asleep in minutes. I dream peacefully. I wish peaceful dreams are available in the future.

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