Little Miss Horan

Niall Horan to the rescue....


1. Little Miss Horan

Allyse shuffled through the snowy streets of Mullingar, wrapping her bare hands around herself for warmth. Her fluffy white coat was wet with melted snow, and it had lost its purpose. She shivered as she felt the snow drip down her back from her hair, before sneezing loudly into her arm. Her boots were now soggy with ice, and each step was harder than the last. Finally, she sagged against a fence and watched her breath blow out in white puffs of air. It grew dark, and she began to hum her favorite song from Cinderella to pass the time as she grew drowsy. She nearly dozed off, before hearing another voice humming the song she had been singing. She opened one big brown eye to see a pair of mischievously warm green eyes staring back at her. Before she knew what was happening, warm arms slid under her and picked her up, and she snuggled closer to his chest. He kept humming the tune while he carried her, and after a while, she fell asleep.

She woke again, blinking as she felt herself being carried, and looked back up into the face of her savior. "Who are you?" She asked in a small voice, shivering. He looked down at her with a whole hearted grin.

"Why, I'm a leprechaun, lassie...I found you, and I'm taking you home." She rubbed her eyes, confused, and he cradled her against his chest as he walked through the snow. "You wanna tell me why you were out there all alone?"

Allyse pondered the question as they began to pass some shops on the barren street. "I ran away," She confessed, looking up at him tearfully. "Mummy said daddy wasn't feeling well, so I brought him some soup to make him feel better..." She sniffed. "He looked at me all strange and talked all slow, and when I gave it to him he threw it back at me! He even ruined my new gloves," she cried into his arm, hiding her face in shame. The boy's eyes shifted to her bare hands, then back to her. "Don't cry," He said to her, rocking her back and forth. "Everything is going to be OK."

Allyse felt herself slipping again, but before she could fall asleep she looked up one last time. "Mr. Leprechaun?" She asked him, wiping a cold hand across her face. "How come you are so tall?" The boy opened his mouth to start speaking, but Allyse never got to hear his explanation.





Allyse woke to the smell of chicken soup, and the whispers of hushed voices. She peeked out of one eye for a second time, and was delighted to see the face of her mother - a very concerned face. "Mummy!" She yelled, and they hugged her tightly. "A leprechaun saved me!  And also -" She broke off, sneezing again.  Her mother stuck the thermometer in her mouth before she got up to get medicine. "I'll be right back Allyse," Her mother said, bending down to give her a light kiss on the head before leaving. Allyse sighed, and snuggled into her covers, before something fluffy caught her eye. it was her jacket - clean, dry, and folded on a chair, with a pair of new matching white gloves on top.

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