Until the End of Time

Blake Daniels parents are killed in a car accident and she's left to her 24 year old uncle Scott in a new town a new school and that blonde headed boy.


1. Scott

"You played great Blake." Her dad said looking back at her from the steering wheel 

                "Dad watch out!!!!" Blake yelled but it was to late the car smashed into there car and--

Blake's eyes shot open it took her a minute to take in her surroundings she was on the train on her way to Bern Valley to stay with her uncle Scott. She had seen him only about two times at family reunions and such but he was her closest family he was only 24 and not at all ready to raise a 17 year old girl but he had to. The train came to a screeching stop at the Bern Valley train station as she sat lost in thought "Blake yo Earth to Blake!" Her brother Tom said waving his hand in front of her face he was 14 short and built his brown hair unkept and wild falling into his face time to time and his green eyes were always vivid and shining she wondered how in the hardest times he could be sarcastic like this.

                 "Huh oh. Are we here Tom?"

                 "Ya were you daydreaming again?" He asked god Tom asked to many questions sometimes she wondered how his friends stood all the question asking. But then again she wondered a lot of things about her brother he was just weird. "Hey Blake stop doing that." He said looking at her with consern in his eyes.

                "Huh doing what?" She asked get up from her seat and grabbing her bag from under the seat.

               "Just freezing like in thought and just staring at me you do that way to much. It makes me worry." He said getting his bag along with her and they stepped of the train to find a red haired man holding up there names on a sign.

               "Hey uncle Scott." She said

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