maybe just a typical love story

chapter 2 out next saturday!


1. those eyes

jamie sat in eighth period lunch. practically drooling at the boy that sits at the table diagonal from theirs until sam sits in her view.

"um jamie you ok?" says sam

"what me oh yeah fine"

"who's the boyyyyy" erin says


"it's soooo obvious" said isabella

"oh we-"

"let's go get lunch girls" jill said cutting her off

jill stood up and gave jamie the stfu no one cares look. jamie sat there quietly by herself picking at her turkey sandwich until she heard he name.

"jamie! jamie come here!" justin said

justin sits at the cute boys table oh god! jamie wondered if she look good. she awkwardly walked over to their table.

"this young lady does not support the transsexual race!"

jamie knew exactly what he was talking about in math as a joke he said he was secretly a girl and liked men and jamie had said "tmi weirdo" and now justin think jamie has something against gays oops.

"I do not! I was saying that cuz you just don't announce that in math!"

"liar!" justin yelled

he pounded his fist on his lunch tray sending his pizza flying unto james lap covering him with sauce. everyone burst out laughing

"nice one justin!" the cute boy said laughing

"shutup nick!" said james

so his name is nick! jamie thought to herself. she looked around the table and her and nicks pale blue eyes met we held the stare for a second but it felt like hours.

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