The big mystery called: 'portfolio'

I was doing some schoolwork I didn't understand and it inspired me to do a story about it. it's about the thing that was not understandable.


1. prologue



I woke up this morning because my phone went crazy. Someone of my class in school had a lot of questions. I looked at them and decided I would just get up because I had to write a lot of essays today. I got up out of bed and put on my glasses. I brushed my once painted purple now brownish hair. I walked to the bathroom and washed my face really quick and I went down.

I got to the kitchen and my parents and brother sat there. They were talking about sports and stuff. My grey haired dad was going through a magazine about rowing and he wore his rowing clothes, but he wasn’t going because of the rain. My also grey haired mom was wearing her running clothes. And my brother was wearing his stinking clothes. They always smelt like sweat. My brother isn’t good in throwing  clothes in the laundry so he always smells.

My mom and brother left not even 5 minutes after I got down. They had gotten me a sort of bread what my brother thought of I liked very much, but I hate it. So my brother gets to eat it tomorrow.

Then my dad and me were left. We discussed his work on the attic and he told me he would be installing a heater today. I finished my breakfast consisting of 2 toasts and went back up to my room.

My phone was still going crazy with messages. All I understood of it was that they didn’t understand something. I got to work and wrote my essays. They were supposed to go in the portfolio, but that was a weird thing. The thing wasn’t build the correct way so my essays couldn’t get in it. I guess I now know what they meant. The whole thing is a mystery.

I wrote some things about what I had learned. It was all boring to write. Who tells you to write something about what you have learned and then reflect on it so you can learn from it. It is plain boring and it sucks so much.


(A/N so I wrote this just now about my schoolwork. it's supposed to be a bit like a comedy)

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