Beauty Queen

Michaela woke up to a perfect morning to find out her significant other planned an even better day laying ahead. (This movella is for the 1SHOT41D contest)


1. Beauty Queen

Waking up was my second favorite part of the new day. But seeing him when my eyes first fluttered open? A flawless image I will never erase from my mind.

His brown hair was tangled and knotted in a messy pile on the top of his head, slowly curling at the edges. His plush pink lips were slightly open, giving out a feeble sound whenever he exhaled. Completely adorable.

I ruffled his hair once and climb off the mattress before a strong arm wrapped around my body and pulled me back underneath the covers.

"Where do you think you're off to?" His deep voice echoed through the bare room.

I snuggled closer to his chest, "Nowhere, anymore."

I was laying down sideways in fetal position, facing Liam's covered torso. He had one strong arm coiled around the small of my back, holding me in place to keep me from falling off the side of the bed.

"What time is it?" He mumbled into my ear.

I reached for my phone on the side table next to my side of the bed, "Time to go back to sleep?"

I giggled as he peered his head over the tip of my phone, "No, it's seven in the morning." Liam groaned, shifting his weight over so he could lay on his back.

We stayed in that position for a while longer, the only sound heard was the sound of our breathing. I wanted to stay like that all day; I could, but Liam decided to ruin the silence by moving the bed around and standing up on his feet.

"Where are you going?" I whined trying to hold on to Liam and pull him back down.

He shrugged off my touch, "To get ready, I have special plans for us today."

He left me on the bed and took a sustained shower. I waiting for quite a while before he disappointed me by walking out of the bathroom door full dressed in a nice pair of tan chinos and a button up polo shirt.

"Fancy." I lifted myself off the bed and carried myself over to the height of my boyfriend. I wrapped my arms around Liam's neck and tugged him down, kissing him on the lips.

When I refused to let go, Liam stopped me and smiled, "Keep it PG, princess, I just took a shower."

"Perhaps another one?" I batted my eyelashes playfully, but he still declined my offer.

A deep chuckle vibrated through his body, "Nope, now go. And do hurry, it's a special day today."

I was getting confused, "What do you mean by 'special day?'"

His features formed into a frown, "February 14th. Valentin's Day. Our one year anniversary."

I closed my eyes and felt my heart completely shatter into shards of glass, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry I forgot. Wow usually the men forget an the girls get upset." I mentally face palmed myself because of how idiotic I must have looked, no less how I sounded.

"It's fine, I understand. But go get ready before I 'forget' you here and go on the date by myself." Liam joked.

I took an elongated shower, rinsing my hair twice before stepping out carefully and drying off my body quickly. I dressed myself in the clothes that were placed on the bathroom counter with a note.


Today's outfit.


I mentally thanked him for creating the perfect dress; thin-strapped, above the knee, white with pink glitter dashing the surface. I gladly dressed myself into my white under garments and slipped on the dressed oh-so-carefully set out for me.

My image, when I looked through the mirror, showed up as sheer perfection. I thought myself to look the part of a princess. And I would have if my hair wasn't in wet tangles clinging against my face, dripping down my back and onto my dress. I walked out of the bathroom as I was, except I had pulled my hair into a straight ballerina bun at the top of my head.

"Beautiful, as always." Liam's voice shifted my face into a great big smile as I lifted my head to meet his eyes.

He took his hand and grabbed onto mine. With a free hand of his, Liam picked up a basket off the bed and curiosity took the best of me.

"What's that for?" I asked, pointing to the basket.

He smirked, "A surprise."

"Wrong answer," I pouted, "you know I hate surprises."

He shrugged, with the smirk still present on his face, "Too bad." He sang.

We walked out if the front door of his flat and made my way to his car, but he didn't.

"Where are you going?"

He pulled a bicycle out of the storage room and closed the door behind him, "Bike ride. Part one of our perfect date."

Liam smiled at me and handed me the basket for climbing onto the bike seat, "No peaking!" He exclaimed when he heard the basket lid creak open.

"Sorry." I retracted my fingers and the top slammed back down onto the container. I couldn't get a look inside before he had discovered of my peaking and made me shut it closed, however.

"Get on." Liam instructed me and I swung my left leg over the bike and sat on the second seat.

"How do I do with this?" I handed him the basket and he set it between his arms, balancing it on the handle bars and leaning it on his torso.

After a mile down the street, we pedaled off a left turn and stopped at the park. Liam set the bicycle on the grass and placed the basket next to it.

Fro the container, Liam pulled out a white table cloth with red hearts decorating the edges and embroidered with egg white lace. After it was flat on the field, Liam and I both sat down on it and he pulled an entire picnic from the basket.

"Part two of our perfect date." He smiled and set out the food and paper plates.

I chuckle slightly, "Picnic. I should have known by the basket."

"Well, it was easy to guess, but I'm glad you didn't know."

We ate normal picnic food - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice boxes, and snack cakes. We laughed at how one another ate their foods and took photographs on our phones of how much fun we were having; posting a couple on twitter with the words 'Happy one year anniversary.'

"So if it was only a quiet, isolated picnic, why the fancy get up?" I asked, wiping my face with a napkin and throwing the empty Tupperware containers and trash into the picnic basket.

He lifted himself and me off the table cloth and folded it back up and set in in the basket, shutting the lid, "Dancing in the field. Care to have this dance?"

He held his hand out to me and I hesitantly took it, "But there's no music."

"Then we'll play it in our heads, Beauty Queen." He smiled.

And with that said, we danced in the field alone, with bystanders sometimes passing us when the walk or drive down the streets; often times taking our photograph. And it felt nice to dance in the cold air with my precious love one. And like Liam said, I felt as if I were - not only a princess - a beauty queen.

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