Accidental Miracle

It's bad enough that Amber got pregnant, but when her mom finds out her life turns into hell. To make it worse, she find out her and Zayn aren't having just one baby, they're having twins. When her ex comes back, will she stay with Zayn or go with her ex?


14. Morgan.

Maybe I didn't see him. Maybe it was just someone who looked like him. When we arrive in London, I get out and I see a girl alone. I also see everyone making fun of her but it doesn't look like there's anything to be making fun of. I walk over to her "Hi, I'm Amber." I say

"Hey, I'm Morgan." She says.

"That's a nice name. Wanna hang out today?" I ask her

"Sure!" She says and she seems really happy about it

We walk over and I introduce her. "Ok Morgan this is Niall and kaylie, Lexi and Harry, Liam and Hayley, Kylee and Louis and you know me but this is my fiancé, Zayn."

"Call me ky. Call me H. Call me lex. Call me Kay." I hear all the girls say.

"You can call me Am or just A. And well call you mor or M. Whichever one you like."

"I like mor." She says, with a smile reaching from ear to ear.


As us girls start walking around, mor turns to me and asks me if I'm pregnant and I say no.

"Oh my god am I'm so sorry!" She said turning red

"No mor it's ok I was joking. I'm 7 months pregnant."

We keep walking and I see him again. "Oh my god guys its spencer!" I say as I run up and hug him. "I thought id never see you again!" Tears streaming down my face.

"Amber, I told you I would find you. And now I have. Oh I've missed you so much."

I invite him over and I give him the address of the house we're staying at. I hug him one more time before he has to leave.

"I love you." I say to him.

"I love you too."

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