The Fire Incident (Niall & Ashton)


1. The Fire Incident

After 1h and a half of gym, Niall (N) and Ashton (A) went to the lockers room. A. picked up his phone and checked the time. It was 1.45 pm. They had to meet with the rest of the boys in about 1h for rehearsal. Tomorrow was the first show of the TMHT. They decided that they still had time to take a shower.

N. went into the first cabin and the started the shower, while A. went into the third one but changed his mind in the last second and went into the one next to N's. After 30 seconds of an awkward silence floating in the air shuffled with the sound of the water drops hitting the floor and their naked bodies, N. started to humm a song. At first, A. didn't recognized the song. When he decided to ask N. what song it was, it hit him. It was his favourite song from All Time Low. 'Damned if I do ya (Damned if I don't)'. How could he not recognize it?

"Oh my god, that's like my favourite song!" A. half shouted, causing N. to nearly slip. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." "Don't worry, I'm alright." "Do you know the words? Maybe we can sing it so the time will pass faster." " 'Course I do. At 3?" "At 3." "1...2...3!" The sound of their voices echoed through the empty room. Right after they sang the last lines of the song:

" 'Cause I'm damned if I do ya, damned if I d-d-d

Damned if I do ya, damned if I don't"

the fire alarm went off. They wrapped their towels around their waists and got out of the showers immediatly.

"What in the name of god is this?" N. asked. "I think it's a fire alarm." "Wait, what? A fire alarm? There is a fire somewhere in the building?" "I guess so. Go check the windows, I'll check the door." " 'Kay." "We can't use the door, the fire started in the gym and it's blocking the exit." "And the windows are too small." "So we're stuck in here?" "Pretty much." N. said with a concerned look on his face and sat down on a bench. It slowly started to get hot in there. A. was desperately looking for an exist. Suddenly he froze. He was staring at N's muscular body. The little drops of sweat made him look even hotter than he already was. <<No, stop! Don't think that!>> A. thought. But he couldn't help it, he was turned on by N's body with the little drops shinning on his perfect skin. And he was wearing only a towel. They both were.  A. bit his lip. In that moment their eyes locked. The sexual tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. You could almost hear the dirty thoughts going through their minds, that they both were desperately trying to stop. N. got up and started to walk slowly in A's direction. A. was puzzled. He didn't know what to do. He looked up at N. again. He was his towel, ready to let it go any minute as he walked.Without his concern, A's legs started to move in N's direction. Their eyes were still locked. <<There is no turning back now.>> A. said to himself when he was inches away from N. He slowly lead his head in to kiss N. N. wasn't moving a muscle. He was standing there almost naked, staring at A's lips as they were getting closer to his. Their finally touched. It was a bit awkward at first because N. wasn't responding, but after couple of seconds the kiss became passionate. A. put one of his hands on N's face and the other one was rushing through N's hair. With his free hand, N. pushed A's body on his. Skin on skin, lips on lips, all that was standing between them were the 2 towels. N. let go of his towel, now trapped between their bodies, and put both of his hands on A's hips pushing them harder against his. Now both of A's hands were in N's hair. If someone were to look at them from outside the embrace, s/he wouldn't be able to tell where N's body ended and A's started. They were as one. They felt as one. Hands and lips everywhere. N's left hand on A's ass, A's right hand on N's back, N's lips on A's neck, A's neck tilted back, moaning in pleasure. N's towel suddenly hit the floor. Seconds later they were both naked, touching and kissing.

Out of nowhere they hear a human voice. They froze. They heard the voice again, this time closer. The number of voices grew fast and got closer with every second. They wrapped the towels round their hips and sat down on a bench. Just then a fireman entered the room to get them out. Outside were waiting the rest of the boys. When they saw them coming with the fireman, they started to shout in ease and excitement. They all hugged. N's and A's eyes locked again. Both their eyes were saying "We can't tell anyone about what happened there. We'll keep quiet about it... til next time" with a smirk on their faces.

After they got dressed and the doctors made sure they weren't injured, the 2 boybands got in the vans and went to the venue for the rehearsal.

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