Remember Me?

*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing was gross. But when a boy comes to her school one day, she begins to change. His name was Niall Horan. If Niall moves back into Ireland and comes back years later as a famous singer, would he remember her?


1. A New Boy

Lily was talking with her best friend, Mariana, about their homework. They were fourteen and were in eighth grade. 

Homework and tests were tough because their teachers were very mean. 

Suddenly, Mariana changed the subject. 

"Did you see Luke wearing that hot jacket this morning?" 

Lily rolled her eyes. Mariana was in love with this boy in the next classroom whose name was Luke Robinson. Lily thought he was a jerk. 

Lily said, "I think he looked like a pig." 

Mariana laughed and went back to her seat. She knew that Lily would never be convinced that Luke was cute. 

Then, Mrs. Ella came into the classroom. Everyone became silent. 

She smiled and cleared her throat. 

"Good morning everyone. It is very nice to see you all very quiet. Today, there would be a new student. The new student is a boy and he is from Ireland. He may have difficulty settling into a new country, so please be nice to him." 

Then, she went back outside of the classroom and came in with a boy. 

Lily stared at the boy. He was cute. That was the first time Lily thought a boy was cute. 

He was normal height, he had bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. He was hot. 

He said, in a Irish accent, 

"Hello, my name is Niall Horan. I'm from Ireland and I like to sing and dance and play sports." 

Lily smiled at Niall. Suddenly, his eyes met hers. Like magic, he smiled at her. 

When their morning classes were over and when they were heading for lunch, Mariana hopped to Lily. 

She said, "Guess what?" 

Lily said, looking blank, "Niall is the cutest guy there ever is." 

Mariana squinted at her and shook her head. 

"I don't like that Niall guy. He has a Irish accent." 

Lily replied, "That's why he is so cute!" 

Mariana continued on, ignoring her, 

"Anyway, Luke sent me a note!" 

Lily rolled her eyes. 

"What does it say?" 

Mariana rummaged around her pocket and took out a piece of paper. 

She shoved it in front of Lily's face. 

Lily took it and opened it. It said: 

Hey you. 

Stop staring at me. It annoys me. 

Cuz I have no feelings towards you. 

If you stare or flutter around me, I am going to beat you up. 


Lily laughed. 

She shoved it in front of Mariana's face and said, 

"I guess your hot guy is mad at you." 

Mariana's face wrinkled and she threw the note into the nearest trashcan and ran to the bathroom. 

Lily walked to the cafeteria alone. Mariana was so sensitive. 

On the way, she spotted Niall. She blushed. 

Niall walked towards her. 

He said, "So what's you name?" 

Lily answered, trying to not meet his eyes, 

"Lily. Lily Brooks." 

Niall said, "HI, Lily. It's very nice to meet you." 

Lily smiled. Niall smiled, too. 

They walked to the cafeteria together. 

Lily said, as they sat down at an empty table, 

"So Niall, you said that you loved singing and dancing. Is your dream becoming a singer?" 

Niall nodded. 

"I would love to be one. Wanna come over to my house today? I can sing you one of the songs I made." 

Lily grinned. 
"I would love to. But let's hope that Mariana doesn't see me." 

Niall asked, "Is Mariana your best friend?" 

Lily nodded. 

"Sort of..... But she's so boy-crazy. Especially about this boy named Luke." 

Niall laughed. 
"I saw him. I don't really like him." 

Lily replied, "Me, too. I think he's a jerk." 

After lunch and recess were over, Mariana walked to Lily. 

She said, "I can't believe Luke hates me... I always thought he liked me..." 

Lily brushed her long golden hair away from her face as she replied, 

"I knew he hated you. He simply is a jerk. His girlfriend is Joanna Ricardo anyway." 

Then, she sped off. 

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